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When you woke up you and immediately felt guilty completely rush threw your body.

You quickly got up and got dressed. Then you left his house without waking him up.

When you got home you took a shower and got dressed. You then hear a knock on you door so you open it. "What's up, finn." You say as you sat on your bed. "Is it true you beat up a kid named Tommy drew? Everyone is taking about it." He questioned. "No, it was all vance. He just tried to frame me for it." You lie
As finney gives you a confused look.

"Make sure to tell everyone that..
And don't say i said it." You added and he nods. "Alright great doing business with you." You get up and hand him a ten dollar bill. Finney looks at you with a weird confused expression." OKAY! off
You go." You said as you pushed him out of your room And slammed the door in his face.


It was now Monday morning. You had to go back to fucking school.
"You guys can walk together." You tell finney and Gwen as you leave them alone on the side walk. "What's her problem." You hear Gwen whisper to finney.

When you got to school you expected Tommy to be waiting for you but you totally forgot he was gone. "Is it true you beat up Tommy drew?" A random guy asked. "No.. Vance hopper did. He's just trying to frame me." You lie and then you push passed him.

You walked all the way to the front office.
"Hey, y/n." He front desk lady says as you walk into the counselors office. You quickly took a seat as she looked at you confused.

"I demand a schedule change." You quickly say. "Why?" Ms. Harlow asked.
"Because." You added. "Y/n,
You need a good excuse in order for me to change it." Ms. Harlow says as she sits up.
"Okay. Vance hopper keeps bothering me and I can't take it anymore." You lie as you start to fake cry.

Ms.Harlow now has a serious look. "What's happening?" She asked worries as she leaned on her desk. "He- he's just bothering me. Things I can't say." You answered. "It's okay you can tell me." She adds. You then stop crying and put a straight face. "No.. just change my damn schedule." You say as you get up and walk out.


For the five first periods you didn't see Vance at all. That was a good thing.

You were currently in sixth period working on a assignment. Suddenly your teacher came up to you.
"Y/n you're needed in the principals office." He says. You roll your eyes as you packed your things and walked all the way to the office.

As you walked inside the front desk lady gave you a look. "Ms. Harlow wants you in her office." She says and then she looks down at a paper. You roll your eyes as too made your way inside her office.

When you opened the door you saw vance
Sitting there. He turned around and gave you a fake smile. "Take a seat." Ms.
Harlow Says. "I think I'm good here." You say as you stud in the corner. "Okay then."
She says.

"Why would you lie ,y/n." Ms Harlow says as she looked at you. "Lie about what?!" You questioned. "About vance bothering you." She answered as her voice got higher. "He is bothering me." You quietly say. Vance then turns to look at you.
You then look at him. He sends you a small smirk as he looks back at the counselor.

"Well... you're right.. I lied...
And it very immature of me.. it won't happen again, ms.Harlow." You say as you look at her with your fake innocent eyes.
"Good.. now the two of you may leave and if I hear another lie the two of you will be suspended." She says as you scoff. "Suspended my ass." You say before you leave and slam the door shut.

You quickly left the office and started to walk back to you class. You the heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and there was Vance looking right at you.
You rolled your eyes as you continued to walk.

"Why are you being such a bitch." He questioned as he walked next to you
"I want you to forget about Saturday." You say as vance gives you a confused look. "I want you stop talking to me, forget about me, don't think about me...
And pretend we never knew or met each other." You added.

Vance looked at you confused. "What?" He questioned. "Just forget.. and don't even think about getting near Finney or Gwen."  You threatened. "Okay...
What ever you want." Vance says as he smiled a little. "And if you do touch finney I'll quickly go to the police and tell them you were the one who beat up Tommy again that night...
I have all the evidence I need." You added as you walked away.

Vance looked at you as you walked
Away. He didn't give three fucks if you told the police about beating up Tommy, he was still gonna go after finney maybe even Gwen...

Guys I'm sorry abt the last chapter. It won't happen again. I will go back and edit the chapter or just delete it and re-write it.
Again I truly apologize for my inconvenience.

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