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You didn't wake up the kids because you wanted them to be late on purpose which worked.

It was Friday and you were in your fifth period class, which was english. You had Vance in that class, which made it hard for you to concentrate.

"Okay, so today we have a project. I will he giving each of you partners and you'll be Stuck with them for the rest of the year." Your teacher says as he grabs a paper.

"Andrea and Tommy, you guys are partners." He says with makes you roll your eyes. "Quinn and Valeria." The teacher says as pray and pray not to he partners with Vance. You zone out as the teacher continued to give people their partners.

"Y/n and Vance." The teacher says which causes everyone to go silent. You look at your teacher and he gives you a small smile. You then turn to look at Vance and see that's he's already looking at you with a small smirk.

"The project is that the two of you have to write an essay about the best memory you have with each other , some of you might be confused in why you need partners for this......and the reason is your partner is the one person you have the most chemistry with." You teacher said. "That's bullshit." You say loudly. Everyone then turns to look at you. "Pardon?" You teacher says.

"First of all, me and vance have zero chemistry and even if we did how would you know?" You questioned. "Your teachers from last year come and tell me."

You roll your eyes and stay quite. "Anyways..... you guys have five days for this project. You may begin now." The teacher says and everyone goes to their partners but you stay seated.

You then see Vance stand up and walk to you. He then sits down next to you. "So what good memory are we writing about?" Vance asked as he looked at you but you didn't look at him. He sights  and Leans back in his chair. "We have so many good memories, I cant even choose one." He purposely says.

"Maybe we should do the one when I dumped you.....that was a good memory." You say now looking at him. Vance's smile drops and he looks at you with a serious look. "I'm sorry about yesterday."

"No you're not.. you're never sorry about anything." You tell him. "I rather die then be your partner." You say. "Okay then let's just hope the grabber gets you." Vance said. The bell then rings meaning it was time for next period.


It was finally Friday so that meant after school you would go on your daily Friday walk.

You already knew Gwen and finney weren't gonna wait for you because they were both ignoring you and plus Gwen always staid over with her friend on Fridays.

As you were walking down a street you see a pole with all the missing kids posters. It was only three kids You see Bruce's picture and you stare at it for a moment. "I hope you're alive." You whisper.

Your eyes started to get watery. Last time you cried for Bruce, your dad had hit you because he said Bruce was dead.

You then hear something fall behind you. You quickly turn around and see a man had dropped his groceries. "Oh lord, I'm so clumsy." He says as he tried to pick up his things.

"Do you mind giving me a hand?" He asked as he picked up his black hat from the ground. You stud there for a moment and just looked at him.

"Uh, sorry i have to get home." You say as you back away and then immediately walked off. The man stud there watching you Leave.

When you got home you saw Robin and finney doing homework in the kitchen table.

"Hey y/n/n." Robin says as he smiles at you. "Having Trouble with math again?" You question as you put your bag on the couch. "Yup."

You then see finney whisper something into robins ear and robin nods. "Uh Amy came by to see you but since you weren't here we left." Robin said as you walk towards them. "Amy? Like Amy Yamada?" You questioned and he nods.

"why did she come over?" You asked. Robin shrugged his shoulder and looked at finney for an answer. Finney didn't look up at you but only focused on the homework.

"Stop being a bitch and tell me already." You say to finney and he looks up. "Sh-she brought you a box with things." He quickly says. "It's in your room." He adds.

You didn't say anything back and quickly went into your room to see a box on your bed. There was a note on top of it. You walked towards it and picked it up.

Dear y/n,

It's been a rough time without Bruce. My parents are still sad about it and so am I. I can't imagine what you're going thru. Me and my parents want you to have some of these things. Come by someday, we miss you.

You put the paper on your night stand and open the box. There was Bruce's baseball jersey and more things. You pick up Bruce's shirt and stare at it. You then set it down and see what else was in the box. There was pictures of the both of you and ring that had his initials.

You smile at the ring and set on your night stand. You grabbed the picture and put them in frames and put them around in your room then you hanged his shirt in your closet.

When you were done you sat down on your bed. "I hope you're alive, Bruce." You whispered. "Please be alive." You whispered.

You suddenly had the urge to call someone so You grab the phone on Your night stand and you start to dial their number as You put the phone on your ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Vance." You say. There was a short silence for a little. "Y/n?" He questioned. "You uh...wanna hang out?" You say as you bite your nail. "Uh...Y-Yeah sure." He answered. "Okay, meet me at the park in ten." You say before you hang up.

You put the phone down and quickly take your shirt off and throw it on your chair. You go grab a red tank top from your closet and put it on.

You walk out your room and walk towards the front door. "Where are you going?" Finney asked. "Hanging out with a friend." You say and walk out the door.

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