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It was the next day and you were still in shock about yesterday.

"Why are you zoned out?" Gwen asked as she waved her hand in your face. "Dad what's wrong with her?" Finney ask. "Hm? I don't know." Your dad says as he stares at you. "Alright y/n/n it's time to go to school." You dad said as he looked at you and then at your food that hasn't been touched.

You hummed in response as you got up and walked out the door. "She forgot her backpack." Gwen says as she looks at finney with a weird expression.


When you got to school you didn't see Vance anywhere. Maybe he ditched again.

"Hey y/n." You hear two male voices says. You turn to look at them and see that it was another of your friends. "Hey guys."
They were twins. The most fine ass twins you've ever seen in your entire life, but Vance was obviously finer 😍.

They had dark puffy brown hair, green eyes, perfect eyebrow, they had a perfectly fit body and were tall. They had their own style but sometimes liked to dress the same way.

One of then walked on Your left and the other on the right. "Whats hanging?" The one on the left asks. "Not much." You responded.

"Quinn and I were wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out on Friday?" The twin on my right asks. You looked at them both and thought about it. They both smiled at you while they waited for an answer.

The three of you were still walking in the hallway. As you were thinking you saw a familiar face walk by the three of you. It was vance. He walked right pass the three of you not Acknowledging you. You looked at him as he walked by. The twins noticed so they looked too.

"You like Vance hopper? Hmm?" Quinn whispers in you ear. You side eye him and then look forward. "Vance hopper? That's a good one." Owen the one on the right whispers in your ear. "You guys are gonna make things worst for me." You whispered.

You felt eyes watching you from behind but you didn't want to turn around because you knew who it was. The twins then turn around at the same then and see Vance looking directly at them. They both smirk and put their arms around your shoulder.

You turn around and see Vance look at you before he walks away.


You were sitting in class trying so hard to ignore Vance who was sitting next to you.
You thought it was a curse that in mostly every class the teachers seated y'all next to each other.

From the side of Your eye you could see vance glaring at you once in a while.
While the teacher taught the lesson vance would whisper to you and try to get your attention.

"Y/n, y/n, y/n/n, I know you can fucking hear me ,hoe." Vance whispered. You roll your eyes and don't even turn to look at him. "Stop calling me a hoe." Vance snickers at the word hoe.

"Let's talk after school." He says. "Fuck no, I don't want to talk to you." You said rudely. "I just want to have a normal conversation again. stop being immature." Vance says as he looks at you. "I'm not being immature."

"You literally make everything into an argument when I'm just trying to have a normal conversation." Vance says seriously. You look at him and see he had his serious face. You looked at him weird and then looked away.

"Just trust me please." Vance as he taps his fingers on your thigh. You slowly look down at his hand and then at him. You quickly got flashbacks from old memories.
You look at Vance again and see that he's smiling at you.

"I don't know what the fuck you're doing but let's talk after school." You quickly said. (Miss gurl went straight to it 💀)

Vance was about to speak but the teacher cut him off. "Y/n is there something you want to share with the class?" He asked and so everyone turned to look at you. "No, is there something you want to share Vance?" You ask him as you look at him. "Hmm, no not at all." He answers.

"Okay." The teacher says as he rolls his eyes and goes back to the lesson.

After school was down you quickly left the class room you were in. You had Vance in that class so that's why you left fast. Since you didn't want to talk to him anymore.

You opened the main door to the school and walked out. As you were walking you felt someone behind you so you started to walk faster. As you were walking faster you felt someone put their arm around your neck and pull you towards them.

"What the fuck!" You yell. Then you turn to look at them. "Vance, what the shit!" You yell again. "Woah little lady, chill out." He says with a small chuckle. (🧎🏼‍♀️)

You looked at him and rolled your eyes. You noticed he had his arm Around your shoulder so you snatched it off. "I'm starting to think you're the bipolar one." He says as he points at you. "What do you want, vance?"

"To talk." He says. You scoff and laugh a little. "You never wanna talk. You want something." He looks at you with a raised eyebrow. "People change y/n." He says. You then look at him with a weird look. "I'm sorry." You say before you laugh.

Vance then looks at you. "Why are you laughing?" He says as he looks at you laugh. "I just- I just can't take you serious." You say. You were still laughing when you felt a sharp pain on your cheek. You quickly grab your face and look at Vance.

"You... you just slapped me." He rolls his eyes. "You wouldn't stop fucking laughing." He said. You raised your eyebrows and slapped him back. "Don't slap me again." He grabs his cheeks and chuckled. You were about to say something before he slapped you again. You scoff and slap him back.

"You guys shouldn't be hitting each other." An elder women says as she walked towards you both. "Shut the fuck up!" You and Vance yell at the same time. She has a shocked expression and quickly turned around and walked away.

(Guys their both crazy they are meant for each other...💀)

"I have to go home-" "we haven't even talked yet." You sight in annoyance and continue to walk and Vance follows. "About what?" You say with an attitude. "About yesterday, dipshit. Also don't think I don't know what you and those twins were doing earlier." You look at him with a confused look. "The hot twins?" You question.

Vance rolled his eyes thinking you wouldn't see him. "Don't tell me you're jealous again, vance hopper?" He scoffs. "Me? Jealous? Never." You look at him and then look away. Before you know it Vance had grabbed you chin to face him. "What the sh-" you were cut of by him kissing you again, but this time you didn't pull away.

The both of you were making out in the middle of the side walk. The kiss got heated after a while and he started to kiss your neck, he left a couple of hickeys. After a moment he found Your sweet spot and it made you moan quietly.

You quickly then realized what was happening. "Holy shit!" You say as you push him away. "What?" He says confused. You gulp and you heavily and so was he.

"I- I fucking know what you're doing... and it's not gonna work." You say. Vance then looks at you with his fake innocent eyes. "Doing what?" He ask confused. "No way." You whisper. He smiles as he sees you freaking out. "See you at school tomorrow." He whispers In Your ear as he walks away from you.

Vance smiles to himself as he walks away. Now knowing that his plan is half way done. Step one was to talk to you again. Step two was to have physical contact to make nervous, which will make you think about the moment every second of the day.  

The next step was he would ignore you for a whole two days to drive you crazy and for those two days he knew you were gonna crave his touch again.

(This dumb fucking blonde. He's crazy but so fine yk 😩)

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