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They are practising at the studio for their comeback "Proof". They all were very excited, and it was their time to call off the scheduled practice.

"Everyone, Good Job... that's it for today, let's head back to our house!" Jhope exclaimed with satisfaction. "Aishh.. Thank you Jhope otherwise I would have been passed out to stop the practice." Suga said jokingly as he rolled at the floor. Some laughed at the silly joke, while catching their breaths. "Hyung but we are not so tired today, so should we(3J) practice for some little long ?" Jhope and Jungkook agreed to Jimin.
Others packed their stuffs in their bags near the mattress, at the entrance. Suga and Jin gave them a sharp look of 'don't take too long'.

"Hyungs, we will comeback just in an hour." Jungkook said.
Nj-"Ok but don't be too late because we will do the dinner together, we are not working on the recording studios today so we are heading home." -"Okay"

It was just 15-20 mins after the members left, except 3J. It was then when Jungkook smelt something unusual.
"Do you smell something weird ?" He asked to his two hyungs to which they replied "Nope ..?". "Ohk whatever let's just continue" he said as they nodded and did some choreo for more 15 mins but then the smell just increased, filling the studio with unpleasant scent and then only three of them realised that something is wrong. "It's smelling like something is.. burning ? " Jhope asked confused. Three of them looked around the whole studio, scanning with their eyes and Jimin found out what is wrong. "Hyung, Jungkook! its .. it's coming from the switch." He pointed to the switchboard at the entrance, which is sparkling may be due to short circuit.

Jimin and Jungkook moved towards it, just then a large fire came from the switchboard and Jhope quickly dragged both of them to the farthest corner from the fire. "Are both of you ok ?" He asked and got the positive reply. When they looked back there, the whole entrance was already in fire.

Jhope-"We should leave as soon as possible, help me open the emergency exit." They went to the emergency exit, which was opposite to the entrance. The three of them forced the door to open but it was totally jammed. "SHIT!! It's not opening" Jungkook said, as horror field them looking back.'It's not the time to be scared Jhope you are the oldest here, Calm down and try to save your youngers' Jhope thought. Soon smoke filled the room, making them cough and gasp for air."Jimin call others, I am calling the staffs" he ordered. Jhope dialled one of the staffs but he did not picked up while Jimin called the first recent contact, that was Namjoon.

'Please, please *cough* pick up hyung *cough*' Jimin prayed. As Namjoon thankfully picked up he felt relieved yet he was panicked. "Hello?" Namjoon started. "Hyu-*cough* Hyung" Namjoon sensed the panick in his voice, and he tensed up as the he heard the coughs. "Jimin, Hello What happened?" He asked instantly.
"Hyung *cough* Studio caught Fire *Cough* we are trapped." The blood in Namjoon's body ran cold to hear that.
"WHAT!? Jimin? hold on I am coming, don't worry." he yelled through the phone making other members look at him in confusion as they were in same car and were just about to reach their common house.
"Hyung, Hyung take U turn and take back to the studio, fast! It's urgent.!" He told to Suga who was driving. He sounded horrified so Suga followed his instructions without questions. "Jimin, don't cut the call."

"What's wrong?" Taehyung asked. "Studio caught fire and they are trapped." Other three were shocked, listening to it, Suga drove as fast as possible. Jin was first to react "WHAT? How!? Put the call in speaker!" He put the call in speaker, they became anxious listening to their painful coughs.

Namjoon instructed Taehyung "Tae call the security and ask them to go to the studio." He nodded and soon called them while other three elder talked to them.

Jk-"Hy-Hyung *cough* I .. I can't *co-cough* breath." They panicked hearing that as it is really not at all good for him." Do you have your inhaler?" Jin asked. The dance line stared at his bag which had already caught fire, which was near the mattress "No,*cough* the bag*cough* already caught fire*cough.*" Jhope informed. They felt helpless as they heard 3J coughing and what worried them most was that, Jungkook was gasping for air the loudest. "Jungkook cover your mouth with this"Jhope said removing his jacket. But as soon as he placed it in his face, he felt more suffocated as their was not enough air from before. "Hobi-Jiminie can you try to open the emergency exit." Suggested Taehyung. "We have *cough*already tried, it *cough* it is jammed and not *cough*opening." Jhope said while trying again. The fire was terrible.

"Jungkook *cough*try to breath,*cough*we will be fine."Jimin tried to reassure the struggling boy, though he himself was struggling. The three of them were holding close to eachother, while older two were trying their best to cover the maknae.

At that time, some of the staff were already trying to put off the fire by fire extinguisher but the fire was already flared that it was not coming in control."H-hyung, the-the*cough* smoke is..*cough*is too mu-much." The youngest said in a faint voice, causing the six of them to be scared.

Jimin and Jhope tried their best to help him. They heard someone yelling and calling for Fire fighters and in van, they learned from Tae who was informed by the staff. Soon the two elders in the burning room find the weight in their hold increased, as well as the youngest did not gasped or coughed for air anymore."Jungkook?.. JUNGKOOK!?" Jhope called out but got not respond. "What happened!?"Jin asked from the call. The older dancers looked at eachother,"He-he passed out"Jimin informed. Both of them heard Suga cursing under his breath.

They reached the building and tried helping others with the fire extinguisher."Hurry, Jungkook have already fainted and other two are struggling !!"Suga yelled at the staffs. Some members tried to enter the studio, but the staffs pulled them back again and again knowing it is too risky. Jimin and Jhope tried to get back Jungkook to consciousness but it was not of any use. They tried their best to hold onto eachother.

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