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Leonardo Di Rossi

Sunday, December 25th, 2022: 8:15 a.m.

"Where's Leona? I'm ready to eat." Luca asked as I placed Luci inside of her high chair.

"She'll be down in the moment. The twins be having her a little delayed." I said strapping Luciana in since she likes to move around.

"When's her due date?" Papá asked, then Leona came inside the dining room with two car seats.

"Zucchero, help me." She said, then I smiled and walked over to her and took both of the car seats.

"What the fuck." Luca said dropping his fork.

"What he said." My Mama said with her mouth hung opened.

"Bad word, tt Lulu." Luciana said, mugging Luca.

"When did this happen? You had the babies, bestie?" Naomi asked, standing up causing me to let out a low rumble.

"Easy there werewolf." Fernando said, helping Naomi back inside of her chair.

"Well Merry Christmas everyone!" Leona said with a big smile.

"Merry Christmas, but can you guys answer us. When did you pop out my nephews?" Corey asked with his eyebrows furrowed causing me to laugh.

"December 15th, the love of my life gave birth to my precious baby boys Leon and Lennox Di Rossi. I would let you guys touch them, but their too young and I wish to not have a lot of hands on my babies because they can easily get sick." I said, smiling then I used my foot and pushed out the chair next to me for Leona.

"Thank you, baby." She said, smiling then I placed the twins down next to our chairs.

Don't worry you guys they won't be in the car seats for long even though they enjoy them already.

"Oh my gosh, why didn't you tell us?!" Luca asked, then I pushed Leona's chair in after I received a kiss.

"We wanted it to be an intimate moment between the two of us." Leona replied, smiling.

"How was it? Would you do it again?" Mama asked with a big smile, then the chef and her staff began serving plates.

"I loved every moment of it, Zucchero was so supportive throughout the whole labor. I would most definitely do another home birth with my husband." Leona gushed causing me to cheese.

"Stop it, baby." I said leaning over to place a kiss on her cheek.

"How did they feel coming out? I know it had to hurt, but how bad?" Luca asked then Leona threw her head back.

"It was really painful. I'm not even going to lie to you, but that's probably because I didn't have any medication. Having no medicine was my choice though I wanted the birth to be all natural, but I did have to get stitched up." Leona said while cutting up my french toast, while I cut up Luciana's food.

"Can we talk about baby birth after breakfast. I have a weak stomach." Fernando said causing everybody to toot their lips up.

"You lucky my pups are here. Weak stomachs don't exist to us." I said, then I began cutting up Leona's food.

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