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Leona Di Rossi

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022: 9:30 a.m.

"Uhhh, d-dadyyy!" I moaned out looking back at Leonardo with teary eyes.

Who said I could be mad at my baby for a whole 24 hours? Not me. It was seven in the morning, and we on round three on our amazing makeup sex. When we came home we sat on opposite sides of the room, but as the night progressed we ended in one another's arms. It's so hard sleeping without my protector. He makes me feel so safe.

"Fuuuck! Y-you creaming all over y-your dick baby." He panted in my ear as he continued deep stroking me from the back.

It was only so little positions we could do now that I'm pregnant with a bump blocking everything. Usually he'll have my ass upside or somewhere crazy fucking the lights out my ass.

"O-ohh my goooshh! I-I'm gonna cummm." I moaned out as my legs began to shake then he pulled out.

"Ba- ouuu shit! W-what the fuuuck." I was about to ask him something, but he pressesd a vibrator on my clit.

"Fix your arch, so I can help you finish, Tesorino." He said slapping my ass, then I used all the strength I had to arch my back again.

"Damn, daddy stretched this pussy out. I love to see it wide from my pounding." He commented causing me to moan involuntarily, then he slipped back judy's of me.

"Yesssssssss, d-don't stoooop! Pleaaaase." I cried out as I felt the brink of my orgasm hitting me.

My lower stomach was tightening up and my hands were balled up in the sheets. I had about three broken nails from our activities, and it's his fault. I will be making him take me to the nail shop, to fucking day.

"Mmm, daddy found that spot!" He husked slapping my ass, then he pressed the vibrator harder on my clit then my vision went white.

"Oh, shit! Fuck, Tesorinooooo." I heard him moan deeply as my body spasmed and shot clear liquids out.

I could feel his warm seed feel me up, which caused me to drop my arch and fall on my side as my body continued to shake.

"Yes, I'm so glad we recorded. You wet my whole side of the bed, and me." He linked while panting heavily.

"I'm so sorry, baby." I linked low-key embarrassed by unexpected actions.

"Be quiet, there's no need to be sorry. You have good pussy and daddy knows what to do with it." He said causing me to blush, as my body began to get drowsy.

"I-I'm sleepy." I said drowsily.

"You about to hit subspace. I pushed you a little too far because it's your birthday. Go to sleep. I won't leave your side." He explained then I felt arms wrap around my body as I drifted off.


"Hey, sexy baby. You up now?" Leonardo asked sitting me inside a warm bath.

"Yes." I responded softly.

"You did amazing, baby. How do you feel?" He asked putting a pineapple by my mouth, causing me to open it then he fed me.

"Great, I trusted you through everything." I said with a big smile finally looking at him.

"As you should because I would never hurt or push you too far. I knew to stop after the second squirt." He said feeding me more fruit.

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