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Leonardo Rossi

Thursday, April 14th, 2022: 3 a.m.

"Eh, Boss.Mi dispiace disturbarti così tardi la notte, ma c'è stata un'irruzione nel magazzino." Fernando spoke into the phone causing me to sit up in the bed.

Translation: Eh, Boss. Sorry to disturb you so late at night, but there was a break in at the warehouse.

"Continua." I said, grabbing my security iPad. Then I checked in Luciana's room, and she was sound asleep. Then I scanned through the hallways of each house.

Translation: Go on.

"Stavo riferendo al dovere come al solito mentre ero al telefono con il mio amore, e una volta entrato gli uomini erano sparsi sul pavimento.Non morto, ma temporaneamente buttato fuori." He continued causing me to let out a deep breath.

Translation: I was reporting to duty as normal while on the phone with my love, and once I entered men were scattered on the floor. Not dead, but temporarily knocked out.

"Sono andato a controllare il tuo ufficio per assicurarmi che fosse ancora bloccato, ma non lo era."

Translation: I went to go check your office to make sure it was still locked, but it wasn't.

"Chiunque abbia fatto irruzione nel tuo ufficio conosce la password, ha saccheggiato il posto e ha preso le nuove rotte commerciali provenienti dall'America." He finished up causing me to chuckle.

Translation: Whoever broke into your office knows the password and ransacked the place and took the new trade routes coming in from America.

"Informa tutti i nostri collegamenti che i nostri percorsi saranno temporaneamente chiusi.Tranne quello per l'America.Prenderemo questo bastardo." I said, unwrapping Leona's arms from around me slowly, but that didn't work. She popped up.

Translation: Inform all our connects that our routes are going to be temporarily shut down. Except for the one to America. We're going to catch this bastard.

"Sí." He said then I ended the call and got out of the bed.

Translation: Yes.

"What's going on?" Leona asked, rubbing her eyes.

"There was a break in at the warehouse. I have to go handle business. I'll bring Luciana in here and have Luca come in too because I know he's going to be a nervous wreck." I said, grabbing a pair of black jeans out of my top drawer.

I just had a feeling my night would not end well. Well, it did because Leona and I had some mind blowing sex after our date. But I felt something in my gut that something terrible was going to happen.

Now, look I'm up at three in the morning getting dressed in all black to track whoever stole from me. I'm so glad I leave false copies to my trade routes in my office, so whoever is going down that route right now will only end up in my southern territory, so I need to contact that warehouse.

"I'm coming with you." She said. Then I looked back at her.

"No, you're not. Get back in the bed Leona. You're six weeks pregnant. I can't risk anything happening to you or my kids, including Luci, so you all staying in the house to this dies down." I said. Then she sucked her teeth and got back in the bed.

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