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Leona Price

Friday, January 14th, 2022: 5:00 p.m.

"Why is this man so fine?" I thought to myself as I walked towards the truck where Leonardo stood, looking like he wanted to devour me

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"Why is this man so fine?" I thought to myself as I walked towards the truck where Leonardo stood, looking like he wanted to devour me.

"Whew, you look so sexy." He said when he approached me, causing me to blush.

"Thank you, so do you." I replied, looking up at him.

"Have fun kids, have sex!" Mr. Angelo said, jokingly, waving at us with Luciana in his arms.

"Papa, stop it not around la mia Principessa." Leonardo scolded opening the passenger door for me then he helped me in then closed the door.

These past days since Luciana and I got kidnapped for our good have improved. Luciana was always a happy baby, but now that she has her father, she's been more comfortable and attached to his hip. Leonardo is such a good father. He's stepped up these past days with no complaints whatsoever. He even still takes her at night so that I can get some much-needed rest.

Breastfeeding every day for the past six months has been tiring my body out, and having him there is fantastic. My feelings towards him are getting stronger and stronger each day. I think the dreams I've been having about him recently have paid tribute to that.

His scent, accent, and everything about him is driving me crazy. I don't know how long I can act civil. I want him to do things to my body that if I say it aloud, you guys might think I'm a slut. I want to submit to him and let him ravish my body and allow him to take what he needs from me.

We're both grown. I know, but I feel it's too early to give it up to him because what if it backfires and we fall out after sex. I'd be crushed because I want this to work out. Luciana deserves a two-parent household full of love, and I just so happen to find her birth father, and I'm hoping he's down to give me just that. A big happy family.

"Are you second guessing our date?" he asked snapping me out of my thoughts then I looked over at him.

"No, why'd you ask that?" I asked with my eyebrows furrowed.

"I call your names three times. If you don't want to go we can stay home. I will not force you to go anywhere." he said softly then I grabbed his hand.

"Stop it. I've been sitting in the mirror for hours trying to look perfect for you. I'm sorry I was in my head thinking and did not hear you." I said sincerely while looking him in his eyes.

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