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Leona Price

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022: 5:00 p.m.

"Donna." the men said in unison while also doing a slight bow towards me.

"È bello rivedervi ragazzi. Come sapete Victor si avvicinerà presto, voglio che voi ragazzi abbiate gli occhi aperti e pronti ad attaccare perché non ci si deve fidare di lui, sì?" I said then they nodded.

Translation: It's nice to see you guys again. As you know, Victor will be approaching soon; I want you guys to have your eyes open and ready to attack because he's not to be trusted, yes?

"Sí, Donna." They said, causing me to nod.

"So sexy to watch you take charge of our little army, but I remembered you requested a gun like mine." Leonardo said, kissing my cheek. Then he handed me a gun with my soon-to-be initials engraved on the weapon.


"Thank you, Zucchero." I said, smiling, then I kissed him.

"Anything for my Tesorino." He said, smiling.

"Victor, è arrivato." Corey said with a gun strapped across his chest and many weapons attached to his hips.

Translation: Victor, has arrived.

"Dice che viene in pace per parlare con il Don, e ha persino lasciato cadere le armi." He said, causing us to nod.

Translation: He says he comes in peace to talk to the Don and even dropped his weapons.

"Bullshit, let's go Tesorino. Stare in guardia." Leonardo said then; all the men moved around the room and clutched their guns.

Translation: Stand guard.

Walking to the door hand and hand with the love of my life the guards opened the large French doors for us, and Corey and Fernando were behind us.

"I didn't want to believe it when I heard you were with my worst enemy, but I guess it's true." Victor spat out, causing my face to churn in disgust.

I can't believe I let him touch me and get to know me and let him treat me like I was his property and not as a human.

"It's very true, and I can admit he does everything better." I said, smiling big.

"What the fuck do you want?" Leonardo asked, mugging him, and I could see the vein popping out of his neck and top of his head.

"Why so hostile Don? I'm sure your daughter wouldn't like to see her daddy in a casket, will she now?" He asked. Then Leonardo stepped away from me and walked closer to Victor.

"Speak on my daughter again, and I will end your life with my bare hands, now what the fuck do you want!" Leonardo shouted in his face.

"My woman back, of course." He said, causing me to scoff.

"You're talking about my woman? The one behind me standing in front of our franchise with that large engagement ring on her finger, yes?" Leonardo asked. Then Victor balled up his fists.

"Engagement ring?! You agreed to marry him but rejected me!" He roared, looking at me.

"I did. Best decision I've ever made besides leaving your bitch ass." I said, holding up my ringed finger.

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