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Leona Di Rossi

Thursday, December 22nd, 2022: 1:05 a.m.

"Ok, Lennox. Mommy has your bottle right here." I said, sitting down in the seat by the window in their nursery.

Leon and Lennox's Nursery

The twins are officially a week old, and the lack of sleep me and Leonardo have been getting is ridiculous

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The twins are officially a week old, and the lack of sleep me and Leonardo have been getting is ridiculous. Nah, I'm just playing we've actually been sleeping good. Yea, the kids wake up in the middle of the night crying at times but we take turns taking care of them.

Since, I gave birth my stomach has went flat, but not all the way flat you know. I still have some pudge from giving birth, but I'm not even worried about it. My man loves my body, and I love my body as well. I'm not rushing my snap back. I want to enjoy these first couple of months bonding with my sons and the rest of our family.

Anyways, this time around I decided not to breastfeed. The kids are still receiving my breast milk, but I'm not allowing them to latch on. I'm pumping for them, and my supply is enormous. I don't know what's in the air, but I'm pumping so many ounces of milk a day the freezer is almost filled with the bags of milk.

Hmm, you know our family still thinks I'm pregnant? Yup, we haven't told anyone about the twins' arrival except for Luciana of course. When her dad brought her in to see her little brothers she was so excited and wanted to hug and kiss them. I swear it was one of the cutest things ever, and every time she wakes up she asks about her "bubbies".

Don't worry guys we won't be keeping their arrival secret for long. Sunday is Christmas and everybody is coming over to celebrate at our house this year and I can't wait. I've decorated the house already with the help of Leonardo, and we been got our gifts for everyone and each other so we don't have to worry about last minute shopping.

"Hey, baby." Leonardo said softly walking inside of the nursery.

"Hey, what you doing up? It's my shift." I said looking down at Lennox.

"I didn't feel you in the room. Why'd you leave?" He asked kissing my forehead, then he looked at the baby monitor.

"Lennox was getting a little too fussy and I didn't want him to wake you guys up." I said, then he smiled.

"Come back." He said, then I got up carefully with Lennox in my arms and walked beside him.

"How did you get in here without turning on any lights?" I asked feeling his arm snake around me.

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