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Leona Di Rossi 

Sunday, May 15th, 2022: 11 a.m.

"BESTIE!" Luca screamed in my ear causing me to pull it away from my ear then Leonardo opened one eye then he closed it.

We got into the villa late last night because of our slight detour to the nude beach to kick off our honeymoon. We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours just having sex and chilling with one another. We definitely put on a show last night without even trying to, but it happened. We were so good people asked if we had an OnlyFans, so they could subscribe to us and we just told them "no" and laughed it off.

Anyways, when I was trying to walk back to the car I had cum dried up in between my legs and some still leaking out of my pussy because Leonardo was dropping heavy loads inside of me. I'm not even complaining because I kept asking for them because it felt so good to be filled up. Since, we got the gold package we were able to clean ourselves and take a shower before getting out the car which I was so thankful for.

"Yes, boo?" I asked fixing Leonardo's bonnet.

We were both ass naked in the bed and he had his head on my titties and his buff arms were securely wrapped around my body and one of his legs were resting on mine.

"I told Corey last night." He said causing me to smile.

"How did he take it? Are you ok?" I asked then Leonardo opened his one eye again and raised an eyebrow.

Nosey ass.

"My legs are just sore as hell." He said nonchalantly causing me to scream.

"AHHH YOU HAD SEX BESTIE?" I asked then Leonardo tooted his face up in disgust then he closed his eyes again.

"N-no, not yet." He said laughing.

"He ate yo girllll?" I asked sticking my tongue out.

"Yessssss, now he wanna keep eating like boy I'm tired!" He said causing me to laugh.

"Once they get a taste they be feening like crackheads." I said laughing causing him to laugh.

"Who you talking to, baby? I need some to eat." I heard Corey say.

"Leona, and there's some cereal in the pantry." He said causing me to laugh.

"Not the cereal in the pantry." I said laughing.

"You know I'm not talking about that, and I'm taking you out for breakfast." Corey said sucking his teeth.

"She closed. Go get dressed, I'll come get in the shower with you in a minute." He said and I just know Corey has a big smile on his face.

"Ok, Im so excited." Corey said causing me to aww.

"I'm going to let you go, but before I do. Thank you, bestie for encouraging me to do this, I love you so much." He said causing me to cheese.

"I love you more. Have a good time!" I said smiling then I hung up the phone and placed it back on the side table.

"Good morning, mister Di Rossi." I said then his lips curved into a smile then he opened his eyes.

"Good morning, misses Di Rossi." He husked in his morning voice.

Looking at him while caressing his face I turned to my side and scooted down so we were eye to eye, then I placed my lips on his and kissed him passionately. I know both of our breaths aren't up to pare, but who cares we're in love and if I want to kiss my baby. I'm going to kiss him.

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