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Leonardo Rossi

Sunday, March 13th, 2022: 9:45 a.m.

"Your office is to die for

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"Your office is to die for." Leona said looking around the place.

"Thank you, baby. I designed it myself." I said smiling then I locked the door.

"Sit." she said looking back at me.

Not hesitating I took a seat on the singular chair and watched as she walked over to me then she stood in between my legs.

This past month and a half, I've been busy with both jobs while also trying to make time for my family. It hasn't been easy, but I've been managing it the best I can. Well trying to; I know Leona gets frustrated at me when I turn her down for sex sometimes because I will be so exhausted from the constant meeting and business calls.

After this week, I plan on taking a long two-week vacation so I can enjoy and spend quality time with my fiancé, daughter, and also my other family members. Especially my fiancé, I have so much made up to do, not just with sex, but with everything. I want my baby to be pampered and treated like a queen and me to take care of all of her needs, but I feel like I've been neglected them just as I've neglected mine, but that all changes this Saturday.

"I miss you." She said softly while straddling my lap and I knew it had a deeper meaning.

"I miss you too." I said resting my hand on her ass.

"That's hard to believe at times, Zucchero. Is there a reason why you're working so much, are you avoiding me or something?" She asked playing with her fingers then I saw a tear stain her beige dress.

"I'm sorry I know I haven't been the best fiancé, but the lifestyle we live comes with a lot of work, and why would you even think that I'm avoiding you?" I asked wiping the tears from her face.

"You've denying me of sex almost every night these past few week. If you're seeing someone else just let me know so I can go." She cried covering her face with her hands.

"No, no! Tesorino, I promise there's no other woman. My dick only responds to you, and I don't and can't find any other woman attractive. It's just the amount of work that has been tiring me out, and when we have sex, I want to give you my all, not just some half-ass shit." I explained pulling her hands from her face.

This hurts so much. I hate putting her in the position to overthink our relationship because of she's used to.

"Stop crying, Tesorino. You're perfect, beautiful, loyal, phenomenal in bed, a great mother, and the best fiancé I would ever ask and dream for. I would never lay with another woman or let another woman touch me as you do. I'm yours until death does us part, Tesorino. I'm sorry I haven't picked up on your sadness sooner. As you did, now talk to me. Let me know how you feel in the moment, not when it's all built up to the point it hurts you and makes you cry because seeing you like this hurts me even worse, baby. You're my soulmate, and I only want to see tears of pleasure streaming down your face, not tears of uneasiness and overthinking." I said while looking her in her eyes.

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