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Leona Price.

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022: 8:25 p.m.

"I know you have many questions. Ask away I'll be transparent with you." He said, looking over at me.

"My IVF procedure was confidential. How did you find out I used your sperm?" I asked, gazing up at him while also keeping a close eye on Luciana.

"I paid lots of money to find the barrier of my child. Some people in my line of work found out I donated my sperm and were looking to kill you guys. That's why I bring you guys here to keep you guys safe." He explained, causing me to nod slowly.

"Kill us?" I asked, finally realizing what he said.

"Yes. They want to stop my child or future children from getting my fortune when the time comes." He said while running his fingers through Luciana's hair.

"She doesn't need your fortune. She needs a normal childhood." I said, wiping the tears that streamed down my face.

"Please, no more tears, beautiful. They hurt me. And I know you may hate me right now, but I want to make sure you and Luciana are safe, that's all." He said softly, wiping away the tear from my face.

"I have no hate in my heart. I should thank you since people want to kill us." I said, looking up at him.

"This fortune you speak of? Are you like some mafia boss or something?" I inquired softly then he nodded.

"Corretto!" He exclaimed, earning a nod.

Of course. Out of all the sperm, they could give me. I get a mafia boss sperm.

"You are going to take il bambino away, aren't you?" He asked softly, gazing up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

"No, no. She loves you already; Luciana is never willing to go to anyone, and after all, you are her father." I reassured, causing him to smile.

"You have boyfriend, yes? Lo ucciderò." He said, whispering the last part with venom laced in his voice.

Translation: I'll kill him.

"No, boyfriend. No need to look for someone to kill." I said with a chuckle; then he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Parli Italiano?" He asked, causing me to nod.

Translation: You speak Italian?

"Sì, ti capisco molto bene." I said. Then he shifted in his spot and handed me Luciana, with tainted cheeks.

Translation: Yes, I understand you very well.

"Sorry. I've suddenly got excited." He said, and I knew exactly what he was talking about because the bulge in his pants was saying hi.

"It's ok," I said, then he nodded.

"Why have baby with no help?" He asked, adjusting himself, not caring that I saw his movements.

"I initially was going to have a baby with my ex-boyfriend, b-but he was a coward and beat me, so I left and didn't let that stop me. I always wanted a family whether I was alone or not, so I went through IVF to have Luciana, my miracle." I explained while rubbing her back.

"What's his name? I'll kill him with my hands." He asked, standing up from the couch.

"Victor." I said softly.

"Del a Rosa?" He asked, causing my head to shoot up.

"How did you know?" I asked, rubbing Luciana's back.

"He's the one after la mia famiglia." He said, rubbing his beard.

Translation: My family.

"Please don't let him hurt me anymore." I implored, then he grabbed my hand and helped me up.

"I promise. May I hug you? You seem like you need a hug, but I will not touch you if you don't like, yes." He said, looking me in my eyes.

Wrapping my free arm around him, he hugged me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

We stood there hugging for a while until someone came into the room, causing Leonardo to push Luciana and me behind him. 

"Mama, Papa." He said.


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