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Leonardo Rossi

Saturday, February 12th, 2022: 6:45 p.m.

"Luciii." I dragged out walking inside the bedroom.

"Dadaaaa." she dragged out in the same tone causing me to laugh; then I walked over to the bed and scooped her up, then I laid flat on my back with her in my arms.

"Leonardo." Leona said, but I continued giving Luciana her kisses and hugs.

"You know what? I'm leaving. Luci has bottles in the fridge." she said, then the bedroom door closed.

Funny, her ass isn't going anywhere.

Let me explain. Leona and I had, I guess, our first big argument about me being distant with her lately, but I promise it's not what you guys are thinking. As you know, I have to marry Leona fast, and I've been secretly designing the ring and making it myself. Yes, you've heard me right. Ever since the night we had sex the next day, I went to my jeweler and asked if I could help hand-make her ring to make it memorable.

I can't work on it during the day because, One, I'm a father. I am with Luci in the morning until two o'clock in the afternoon. I head to the warehouse to work until six, so I can make it home for dinner at seven, but instead of lounging around with my future wife and daughter, I've been telling her I still have work to do, so I've been leaving every evening, and I guess the other day she got tired of my shit.

I never knew Leona to be a cusser, but she cussed my ass out, and I just sat there turned on. Call me crazy, but seeing my baby worked up over me and me wanting to bend her over to her little hot-headed ass up. She honestly thinks I'm mad at her, or she did something wrong, but I'm just keeping character.

"Leonardo, tell Fernando to let me leave." she huffed, coming back inside of the room with her arms folded.

"Nope, because you're not leaving." I said with a chuckle, then I got up and walked up to her.

"Why, can't you just let me leave?!" she asked, breaking down right in front of me.

Ahh shit.

"Tesorino, don't cry." I said, placing Luci in her playpen in our bedroom, then I hugged her.

"Do you not want me anymore? It's like ever since we took that big leap in our relationship, you've been so distant, and it's honestly frustrating me because I thought you loved me." she ranted, then I got on one knee.

"Tesorino, it's honestly the complete opposite. The day after we took that step in our relationship, I began designing and making this for you. I honestly didn't expect you to cry, and I'm sorry for making you feel that way. I love you with every bone in my body and trust you with my life, and I want to spend definitivamente with you, so will you marry me, Tesorino?" I asked, opening the jeweler box I've kept with me.

Translation: Forever?

Translation: Forever?

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