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A lot of translation reading this chapter.


Thursday, April 14th, 2022: 1 p.m.

"Boss is down!" Corey shouted shooting one of the Pedro's men in the face.

"Fuck!" Leonardo groaned feeling the heat of the bullet graze his side and left arm, but that didn't stop him from shooting the man who shot him.

He was so weak to the point the bullet only hit the man in the foot then he fled the scene, but he'll always remember his face.

The shootout went on for about an hour, bodies were scattered all over the ground. The bodies of Pedro's people of course. Leonardo's men were only grazed, but it didn't effect them because they were used to this.

"LA BATTAGLIA È FINITA!" Fernando shouted causing the men to cheer and hold their guns up in the air.

Translation: BATTLE IS OVER!

"Come, come! Call donna, this is an emergency!" Cory announced picking up Leonardo and rushing him inside of the warehouse into the infirmary room.

Leonardo was loosing a lot of blood and his vision was going in and out, and all he could think of was his promise he made to Leona.

He broke it.

"T-tell her t-to relax, a-and I love them." He croaked out closing his eyes.

"No! Keep them open. I'm almost there. Your family needs you Don. Don't do this to them." Corey cried.

Leonardo was the closest thing to a family member here in Italy. He looked at Leonardo as a brother, and their bond became even stronger when he began dating Luca. He couldn't let him die on him.

"Guida! Don è stato colpito due volte e sta perdendo molto sangue!" Corey called out then a bunch of the nurses inside rushed over with a hospital bed.

Translation: Help! Don has been shot two times, and he's losing a lot of blood!

"Cambio!" The Nurse yelled sending a bloody Corey out of the infirmary.

Translation: Out!

"I need Luca." Corey whimpered sliding down the wall then he put his head on his knees.


Meanwhile, at the Di Rossi's Residence.

Leona Price

Thursday, April 14th, 2022: 1:45 p.m.

"What's wrong sister?" Luca asked looking at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Leonardo, something's wrong with my baby. I can feel it. Oh my gosh." I said in panic rushing towards my draw then I began searching for descents clothes then I hurriedly put them on.

"What's wrong? What are you feeling?" Luca asked panicking as well.

I've fallen asleep a couple times after I got Aria from that son of a bitch Pedro because the babies make me extra sleepy now. When I came home with Aria she was all healthy, but she was sad and asked to be left alone and could she keep Luci with her.

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