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Leonardo Rossi

Thursday, January 27th, 2022: 10:15 a.m.

"Papà, ho bisogno che tu vada a casa mia con Luca e aiuti a portare i nostri effetti personali nel camion in movimento." I spoke into the phone as I walked inside of my warehouse.

Translation: Dad, I need you to go over to my house with Luca and help carry our personal belongings into the moving truck.

"Questa mattina mentre eravamo in cucina il posto è stato colpito, e non è sicuro per il mio amore e la mia principessa." I finished up walking up the stairs to my IT office.

Translation: This morning while we were in the kitchen the place got shot up, and it's just not safe for my love and my princess.

"S Vanno bene tutti? Mi sto vestendo mentre parliamo." he asked in a panic.

Translation: Is everyone, ok? I'm getting dressed as we speak.

"Non conosco papà. Avrei potuto perdere la mia futura moglie e mia figlia. Prometto che volevo stare con loro, ma devo uscire e trovare questo bastardo." I admitted sitting down next to my IT guy then I logged into my house security cameras.

Translation: I don't know dad. I could've lost my future wife and daughter. I promise I wanted to stay with them, but I have to go out and find this bastard.

"Sarò lì con loro, non preoccuparti solo di gestire gli affari." he said then I nodded.

Translation: I'll be there with them, don't worry just handle business.

"Grazie, ti amo." I said looking at the computer screen.

Translation: Thank you, I love you.

"Ti voglio bene anch'io." he said then the line went dead.

Translation: I love you too.

"We already have location of warehouse. I tracked down the license plate, and used maps to find exactly where it's at. According to drone camera, look." Ryan my IT guys said switching tabs then I was met with a warehouse building.

"Is this showing present time?" I asked then he nodded.

"Yes, Don. I don't think it's best to barge in at the moment. A large truck load of men arrived before you came." he said causing me to nod.

"Get me the location of his mother's house." I said smiling.

"Yes, Don." he said then I pulled out my phone.

"You call when you find the address. I want the area scoped out and men ready tomorrow night, yes." I said then he opened a new tab.

"Working on informing the words through the private hotline now." he said causing me to nod.

"Great, I'll be back tomorrow." I said getting up from my seat.

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