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Leona Price

Saturday, March 26th, 2022: 9:30 a.m.

"Oh gosh, I'm tired, Zucchero. Give me an hour or so to recover." I panted, holding onto his toned frame while he panted in my ear.

It's now Saturday. Leonardo and I have not left this room besides my clone and the day we went to drop off Luciana. We have been going at it for days, and it's been thrilling but also tiring.

Leonardo has been taking great care of me after we have sex. He bathes me, gives me words of affirmation, cuddles me, and makes me feel loved and cared for. Did I mention that my fiancé is perfect? Well, he is.

Ugh, the first night of his heat is one for the books. I can't believe I'm bonded with this man for life and marked by him. That's such a turn-on on so many levels. It's so cool talking to him through the link and feeling what he's feeling. It makes our sex a hundred times better, in my opinion.

"I agree." Leonardo chimed in, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Get out my head." I said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"No, I live here rent-free now, and I'm always going to take care of you after sex. It's my job as your man and mate." He said, kissing my mark, resulting in small whimpers.

"Stop. You know it's sensitive. Just continue knotting and go to sleep or something." I said, then he looked at me with a mug.

"Why are you being mean? This your last knot for today once I'm done." He said, causing me to gasp.

I've become addicted to his knots. It's crazy. I love the feeling of him sitting inside of me and filling me up to the brim.

"What?! I didn't even do anything." I countered then he put his head back in my neck.

"Aht, don't want to hear it. I'm about to take a nap." He said. Then I cloned myself and pinched his ass.

"Leona." He grumbled, mugging me.

"I'm sorry. I need your knots, baby. I think I'm in heat too." I said, then he started laughing.

"Since when? And I forgive you." He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Since you gave me that first round of heat dick." I said, causing him to whimper.

"I hurt you." He said softly; then, I felt a wave of guilt gush inside my body from him.

"No, you didn't." I said sternly.

"You couldn't even move for half the day, and your pussy was red and beat." He said, then I shrugged.

"Ok? It would've been a problem if you left me like that, but you didn't. You took care of me and cleaned me and made me feel all better, so I would have rough sex with you again. It's fun as hell." I reassured, then happiness flooded my body.

"I hope you're pregnant." He said, still knotting me.

"Me too, but if I'm not. You'll have another big heat at the beginning of next month." I said, running my hands over his toned back.

"Tesorino, you heard the doctor. We're both fertile as hell. Our baby gone be growing in there sooner or later." He said, moving one of his hands from around my waist, then he intertwined our fingers together.

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