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Leonardo Di Rossi

Saturday, April 30th, 2022: 2 a.m.

"Slow down, damn." Leona mumbled then I let my foot off the gas some and turned the corner into my parents' and grandparents' neighborhood.

Making a left I sped down the long road then I turned into their driveway and parked the car then I turned it off and grabbed the keys.

Slamming my door I walked to the passenger side, and helped Leona out the car then I grabbed her hand and then the front door swung open and my dad was standing there with his gun in his hand.

"Why the fuck you pulling up like an opp?" He asked putting his gun back on his waistband,

"Where's your daughter?" I asked not bothering to answer his question.

"Living room upstairs, why?" He asked then I moved out of his way and rushed in the house and took the stairs two at a time.

"Aria Olivia Di Rossi. You better not fucking lie to me. Are you pregnant?" I asked staring her dead in her face then she nodded and started crying.

"I-I'm sorrryyy." She cried then I just put my hands over my face.

"Stop, crying. You're going to stress the baby." I said sitting down on the couch then I pulled her over, so I could hug her.

"Shes fucking what?!" My father shouted, then I saw lights come on in the hallway.

"This family is very loud." Leona said sitting down on the small couch.

"You'll officially apart of it soon, baby." I said smiling.

"Why are you yelling? My grandbaby is in there sleep." My mother whispered yelled at my father then she looked at us.

"What are you guys doing in my house at 2 in the morning?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

Someone's moody.

"I got some news, and I wanted to confirm it." I said while letting out a deep breath.

"Why are you crying, Aria?" She asked then Aria wiped her face.

"I'm pregnant by Winston." Aria replied then my mother gasped.

"Congratulations, but when? Have you gone to the doctor, and why are we just finding out?" My mother asked tying her robe then she sat down in the seat across from us.

"Luca, why are you crying?" Leona asked when Luca came up the stairs with Corey behind him.

"Corey, woke me upppp." He dragged out causing me to laugh.

"You so fucking ugly." I said then he started crying harder and threw a pillow at me.

"Shut up you stupid bitch you're fucking ugly you look like your damn daddy hoe." He said while crying causing me to laugh harder.

"Says the one who's crying because they got woken up, cry baby ass." I said sticking my tongue out.

"Cut the bullshit!" My Mother snapped causing us all to go quiet because My Mother never cusses at us.

"I found out the day everything happened. Winston and I went to the appointment together because I missed my period, and he was so happen when we got the results back and I was too. Then later that night he said he had to work and he was taking me with him because when he works late shifts I usually stay in his office, so I thought it was normal but when we got there it was men in different uniform knocking people out. Then he took me to Leonardo's office door and told me to open it, and of course I told him no several times, and then his father came and tried to man handle me but Winston pushed him and told him to stop. Then his dad was like I will kill your whole family, and that's when I got scared and that's when Winston silently begged me to put in the password so I did then after I did his dad pushed me out the way causing a small cut on my arm then Winston quickly checked if I was ok. Then I got took away and put inside of a truck with them two, until Leona came and got me." Aria explained while wiping away her tears.

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