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Leonardo Rossi

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022: 7:00 a.m.

Opening my eyes and looking down at my chest I was met with the most beautifulest face in the world. Leona. Last night we didn't do anything crazy because she was so vulnerable and I just didn't feel right continuing what we started earlier. We cuddled and ate snacks until we fell asleep.

Today, is a new day though and I plan on acting on every feeling. Only if she allows it though. Leona doesn't know how she excites me both normally and sexually. For example, I have the biggest morning wood because I ended up having another dream about her.

A dream about me fucking her to oblivion while she still begged for more of my seed like a greedy slut. It was perfect. I honestky can't wait for it to happen in real life. I know you guys may see me as a horny teenager talking about this right now, but I haven't had sex since my last relationship. That was about 2 years ago.

I'm tired of jerking off. I want to feel Leona, please her, and love her. Is it too soon for that word? If it is I don't care! I love Leona Price and I want her to be mine forever and ever. I've never felt so attracted to a woman before. Leona is definitely a different breed.

I can't wait to give her my last name. Give her more babies and be the one to plant the seed not some doctor. Me, Leonardo Rossi. I have never been a firm believer in love at first sight, but shit, I was in love with Leona at first sight.

I was praying to the man up above that she saw me the same way as I saw her. I know she does and has proved that when she shot that man without hesitation. She confirmed that she was worthy of my trust, love, and the spot next to me as my Donna.

"You're staring." Leona mumbled with her eyes closed.

"I know, but good morning." I said, wrapping my arms around her tightly, and then I started kissing her face repeatedly.

"Zuccheroooo, good morning." she dragged out, opening her eyes, causing me to grin.

"You sleep good, yes?" I asked. Then she nodded, throwing her leg across my body.

"So good. Thank you for protecting me." she said, smiling then she kissed me.

"That's my job." I replied, rubbing the back of her thigh.

"What's this?" She asked, caressing my hard-on, causing me to groan.

"Tesorino, don't start anything you're not gonna finish." I stated, gripping her thigh.

"It feels so big, may I see?" She asked. Then I nodded.

I was confident in my size, nine and a half inches. It's something only a few could take. My exes in the past could barely take half without screaming like a chicken with its head cut off.

Pushing the duvet down our bodies, Leona moved her leg from across my body, then she reached her hand inside my pants and grabbed me.

"Fuck. Your hands are cold Tesorino." I grimaced then she kissed my neck and pulled my length out.

"Sorry, and wow. It's as big as it feels." she whispered, licking her lips.

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