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TW: malexmale, intersex male, and public sex. Homophobia will not be tolerated.

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Leonardo Di Rossi

Saturday, May 14th, 2022: 7:25 p.m.

"If you can guess the color of panties I'm wearing, I'll take them off and let you play with my pussy while you drive." Leona said while smiling.

She loves messing with me while I'm driving. Right now, we're on our way to another part of Italy, where we're going on the honeymoon. The drive to the villa that we now own is about two hours away, and we've been driving for a good hour and a half.

"Hmm, I know it's lace because I felt them when I grabbed your pussy under the table, so I'm going to say light pink slash tan color." I said while focusing on the road; then I heard her seatbelt click, then I looked down at the gear shift and smirked.

" I said while focusing on the road; then I heard her seatbelt click, then I looked down at the gear shift and smirked

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"Good guess, baby." She said, then she took her top off since she changed out of her dress.

"You getting naked for me, Tesorino?" I asked, looking over at her, undoing her bra.

"Yes." She said; then I looked over at her, and my jaw dropped.

"When you got yo nipples pierced?" I asked; then, I reached over and caressed her belly.

"I been had them pierced, but I stopped wearing the piercing because I was breastfeeding." She explained then I reached in between her legs and tapped her pussy.

"They look so sexy, mama, but you down for something wild?" I asked, looking over at this private beach I think it is.

"Yes." She said with a big smile; then I turned on my turn signal and made a left down the path.

"Evening sex on the beach, eh?" I asked, making a right into the semi-empty parking lot since the other one was filled.

"I'm down." She with a huge smile.

"The town we're in has nude beaches everywhere, so if you see people fucking you know why." I said while taking off my seatbelt, then she nodded.

"I'm excited!" She said with a big smile.

"Put your slides on, and I'll grab the hygiene and beach bag from the back of the truck." I said, then she nodded.

Unlocking my door, I got out, then I closed the door behind me then I walked to the back of the truck where our bags resided. Using my foot, I moved it under the sensor below the car then the trunk began to open. Once it was opened, I grabbed the bags we needed and closed the trunk.

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