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Leonardo Di Rossi

Monday, August 1st, 2022: 4 p.m.

"Why would bring them here to my daughter's first birthday party, Aria?" I asked growling at her.

"So, she can see just how much of a monster her daddy really is. Your father murders people for a living." She said then we were surrounded by a cloud of of purple, then Luciana disappeared.

"Aria, get the fuck out of of here before I hurt you." Leona said stepping in front of me.

"No, and what can you do? You're pregnant and so am I." She said then Leona went up to her and slapped the shit out of her mouth , then I saw ole dude try to get close to Leona and like nothing I shifted and jumped on him and put my paw on his neck.

"You will not speak about my husband like that in front of our children or anyone else! I don't know what's gotten into you, but this isn't the Aria I met months ago. How fucking dare you! My daughter is one years old, and will not be introduced to that life. We waited for you to come to her baby's party that started at 12 and it's damn near 4 o'clock, and you come in here with these two niggas."

"Are you fucking crazy, bitch? I don't know what the fuck you been doing or where you been, but stay wherever the fuck you at! There's no more seeing Luciana. And I fucking said that!" Leona snapped pointing in her face.

"Y-you can't do that." Aria stuttered.

"Yes, I can. I birthed her. You didn't. I can't believe you would go, so low like that for some dick! This man is fucking cheating on you anyways you stupid whore. Yea, while you looking at lawyers trying to get your own brother and family in trouble. The man laying next to you in your bed had other men and women in your bed before you came back." Leona said then Luca stood in the corner shaking his head.

"Is this why you asked me about Leonardo's recent history in the game? You're fucking sick, Aria." Luca said while shaking his head then I shifted back, then Leona put another cloud over me and once it vanished I was dressed.

"You hate me that much, why? You hate me so much that you're trying to take me away from my family? While the man you love is fucking on other woman and men while you're pregnant?" I said looking at Aria.

"Y-you're cheating on me?" Aria asked looking at Winston.

"I am." He said then I laughed.

"Look at you! Ready to betray your own family and die by a piece of meat you obviously sharing with all of Italy. You know what?! I don't feel bad for your dumbass. I truly don't. You sucked my love for you out of my heart a long time ago. You're just a regular bitch to me now. Get out!" I commanded then tears started pouring out of her eyes then she turned around to leave.

"Oh, where do you two think you're going? Baby, quicksand." I said looking back at Leona, and then next thing you know the ground turned into quicksand under them.

"You tried to take me away from my family bitch. Now, for my pure entertainment I will watch your body dissolve in this pit of dirt." I said then I bent down and punched him repeatedly in his head until he coughed up blood.

"Winston, I taught you everything I know. You really thought you could take me down with your father's weak ass gang? Do you want to know why they haven't responded to you, hmm? Oh it's because I simply had them killed. When I tell y'all I run their mafia business with my wife. We fucking run this shit! Nothing gets passed us, so if you ever thought we were slipping. We were already waiting at the finish line for your dumbass." I said while laughing.

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