Chapter 56

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The sea was like a rippling blanket of brochure-blue, gannets were dive-bombing the stretched surface of the sea far out from shore. The horizon was edged with a silver tint and a cormorant was flying into that place where sun and water meet. His wings were a blur of motion and he soon faded from sight.

The opera of the sea washed over me and the wave-music was welcome. It was soothing and I was glad to get away from the hurly-burly and stresses of life. Davy Jones's locker had swallowed up many a man over the centuries, but the beach she brought me on was an enchanting paradise. It was half-moon shaped and there were no heaving waves to be seen, merely wave-grooves in the sand. I shaded my eyes from the glowing daystar and looked out to sea again.

"You like this place," she asked watching my reaction to the mesmerizing isolated beach. I turned to meet her eyes and suddenly the place was so more enchanting. Her eyes that reflected the sun rays shone upon me and I was grateful. She was so alluring and beautiful. I could not focus on anything besides those coffee brown orbs. Holy fuck! They weren't coffee, they were copper against honey with threads of caramel diverging out of the pupil.

Everyone talks about the beauty of blue and green eyes but what about the brown ones which warm you up like cocoa on a cold winter night?

"Hobi!" She called out yet again.

"I absolutely love this place," I said, making the thing which I am talking about so trivial as my complete focus was on her.

"That's a relief. You know it's a place I think only I know about, and you now. So, you don't need a mask here!" She said with a broad smile. Her smile ignited my own but I could not divert my attention from her face, her diamond facecut and neckline were in my view and God! I was whipped.

Now was it when I was actually noticing her outfit. She wore white shirt which gave a perfect view of her flinty collar bones. A light blue denim pants with a belt that complimented her small waistline and greatly appreciated her curves. Her magnetizing black wavy hair were mid parted and I am grateful she let them loose.

"Hoseok!" She nearly yelled and I flinched.

"Why are you yelling?" I responded.

"God! Why are you daydreaming?"

"Because I have a dream in front of my eyes," I responded and I was speaking the truth to each syllable.


"You're a dream YN." I saw her cheeks getting a natural rosiness that made her look even more compelling. She is a dream.

"A-Are you gonna stay in the car and be all flirty or we are going out?"

"It's difficult to choose one."

She shook her head in absolute frustration but the darkening colour of her cheeks narrated the contrary. She stormed out of the car letting her wavy hair dance in the Zephyr. I pulled up the handbrake and went out too.

The place offered a sense of tranquility I had never experienced before. As if compelling me to forget all I have to go through, it forces me to cherish this moment and just focus on my life, her.

The breeze was light and the place had a salty smell. I watched her running towards the sea, without even knowing when she took her shoes off. She was now standing on the shore, her feet kissed by the waves intermittently.

"Hobi!" She called for me, gesturing me to accompany her. And voila! I was just waiting for it. I took off my shoes by the car and folded up my jeans a little to run towards her.

As I stood there in front of her, smiling unreasonably as the wind carried my hair in their directions. She was smiling and for a second I thought if I knew magic, I would stop the sands of time and just watch her looking so adorable.

"Are you even listening to me?" She asked. She was speaking something?

"Sorry, I guess I dazed off," I chuckled nervously. She scrunched her pretty little nose and bent a little. Till I could interpret her actions, she motioned droplets of water towards my face. I was startled by the cold water hitting my face but what even more was her laughter which when mingled with the sound of the frothy waves seemed so angelic.

I was forced to snap out of my pensive mood when another set of droplets hit my face.

"That's enough," I said, immitating her posture and actions, throwing water at her like a kid on a beach trip.

She ran away before the water could hit her and then turned back to look at me, showing her tongue in the essence of mockery. Her hair were flowing towards me owing to the land breeze. I can say, I was enchanted by her. This was the moment I knew, I want this girl happier than she had ever been.

I took some water in the hollow of my hand and rushed towards her before it could seep out of the fringes. I threw it towards her by the time there were only droplets. She covered her face and bent down letting the water drops moisten the fabric of her shirt.

She got up smiling and giggling in the sun, her eyes were squinting and her mirth lines were making me want to go through the maze they formed beside her eyes. She paced towards the car and brought out her backpack. I was like a mute spectator to what she was doing as I was utterly clueless.

"Help me goddamit!" She yelled.

"Oh... Yeah," I fumbled taking the bag from her which was unexpectedly heavy.

"What's in it?"

"It's our Pandora's box, love," she winked. She had to do it? Because my heart just skipped a beat.


(A/N : Writing Hoseok's pov is the toughest but I love them the most 😩)

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