Chapter 53

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It was early morning, the car screeched and the entrance door of her house opened at the same time. She was practically running on one foot, her another in Taejoon's hands. She was walking forward uncontrollably till her face was stuck to the window of the newly arrived car.

It was the side Hoseok was sitting and he broke into a loud laugh looking at the pressed face. Taejoon let go of her leg and raised his hands in surrender. She turned around back to glare at him in anger.

"You jerkface!" She yelled, taking out her shoe and aiming at him. He tried running back into the house but he was late by seconds as the shoe hit his back making her laugh jubilantly at her little victory.

He picked up the shoe in annoyance and aimed it back at her but she ducked it, making it go over the windshield, hitting the person who just got out of the driver's seat straight in the head and then landing in his hands. Yoongi.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped while his hand reached his mouth in horror. Hoseok still, was laughing inside the car unstoppable.

Yoongi eyes were closed, taking in what just happened.

"Sorry, buddy. I am really sorry, it was intended for this douchebag-"

"I am not a douchebag jerkface!"

"I am not a jerkface douchebag!" He yelled back with an intimidating stare but she stood still.

Yoongi's jaw clenched, "Yah?!" He grunted gaining the attention of the bickering friends.

"I am sorry Yoongi on behalf of this jerkface, he can't do a thing right-"

"Shut up! It's all because of you," he countered.

"STOP IT!" Yoongi yelled, pulling back the shoe, aiming at Taejoon. As the shoe was approaching him at an alarming speed, he bent down to defend himself.

"Noona is ev-" Ji Hoon came out but his speech was instantly replied with a shoe straight on his face. The shoe landed on the ground with a thud and there was silence for some minutes till the youngest broke into a fist of cries.

Yoongi, YN, Taejoon rushed towards him, circling him. Hoseok too came out with a concerned expression, reaching to him.

A little stream of blood came out of his left nostril making everyone worried.

"Oh, God. I am sorry," Yoongi panicked.

"Let's get in, come on Hoon," she said pulling him by his wrist straight towards the bathroom. Hoseok followed them.

"Oh my God baby. You are such a bad man!" Taejoon shook his head.

"You-" he almost cursed, kicking his leg a little to which he winced in pain and then going inside too.

"Are you okay now?" Yoongi asked watching the three coming back in the living room.

"Yes, nice to meet you. I am Ji Hoon!" He greeted politely and then bowed. More politely than what kids his age may do.

"Nice to meet you too. I am Yoongi," he said awestruck by his behaviour.

"Oh my God boy, you were literally crying after getting hit by a shoe! When will you grow up?" Taejoon mocked him.

"Tears doesn't mean I am weak. It means I am courageous enough to display my emotions," he responded clearly.

"Shut up you son of Shakespeare!" YN grunted.

Taejoon leaned towards Yoongi ear a bit, speaking loud enough for everyone to hear, "Was your father Shakespeare?"

"Huh?" Yoongi was confounded and so was Jihoon and YN.

Hoseok was quick to jump in, "So, YN, let's go? Bye Guys, bye buddy," he said fast.

"Yeah," she smiled, going in and bringing a backpack. She followed him to the car and placed the backpack in the back seat. As she was about to open the gate to the passenger seat, her gaze averted to the lipstick stain on the window. A pink glow of embarrassment crept her cheeks as she quickly motioned her hand towards it to clean it.

But, before she could, Hoseok held onto her wrist.

"What are you doing?" He asked and she quickly hid it behind her back and chuckled nervously.

"If you are trying to erase that mark from my window, then you can't," he remarked in a husky voice.

"W-what mark?" She mentally cursed herself for stuttering.

He laughed off her nervousness before moving her a little by the side to expose the mark. He pointed at it, and then at her with a smirk, "this."

She laughed awkwardly, "What will you do about it? It looks dirty."

"It's an art for me," he responded with a sly smile, hovering over her. Her back was pressed against the light blue car and she could feel his breath fanning her face.

"Get in princess, or we are staying home," he clarified making her gulp as she timidly went around to open the door and seat herself. Her cheeks were crimson red and as she was now in the car, she was feeling all hot. He chuckled and tried hard to suppress his laughter as he walked in front of the bonnet, looking at her from the windshield.

As he finally sat in the driver's seat and placed his seat belt in place. He looked at her who was just gawking at him, still embarrassed.

"Where are we going?" He asked excitedly.

"Are you gonna drive the car?" She asked instead.

"Why? You wanna ride something else?" He smirked making her eyes widen.

"Oh God Hobi, you are a hopeless pervert!" She passed, pushing him slightly by the arm.

"I am what I am," he shrugged.

"I meant if you're tired. You must be after the ride of three hours to here. It's prac-"

"I made Yoongi Hyung drive cause I knew I can't let you drive," he interrupted her.

"Why?" She pouted in confusion.

"Cause we are not shooting Fast and Furious 11!" He mocked.

"That was just an emergency case, I usually drive safe," she frowned.

"It's fine YN. I can drive. So, where to?" He asked again, smiling.

"Umm... So, there's this place with no name. I will provide the directions, first towards the highway," she said calmly.

He nodded as he ignited the engine, ready to go on a date he longed for.

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