Chapter 1

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Saturday, 9:00 P.M.

Call : +8xxxxxxxxxx


[Dude, my life sucks.]

[Who is this?]

[The only clothes that I have are pants, I work at a fast food restaurant, my only co worker makes fun of me all day but I cant tell my boss because he would just

Cut my already sucky pay and my best friend is an irritating kid. You wanna know what the worst part is?!]

[Uhh... Okay?]

[I live in a pineapple under the sea.]

[So, you're SpongeBob I suppose?]

[How did you know creep?]

[Get lost.]

[How rude.]

[Who are you? And how did you got this number?]

[I am SpongeBob!]

[Do I know you?]

[If you are Patrick or Squidward.]:

[That I am not.
So, bye.]

[Hey, wait.
I wanna talk to you.]

[Who are you?]

[Why did the chicken cross the road?]


[To go to rude monster's house!]

[...What? I did not understand.]

[Knock Knock]

[Who's there?]


[Why am I even doing this?]

[hehe *burp* you seem like God

Am I really in heaven?]

[Wait what? You are drunk, girl.]

[Yeah. And I feel sooooo good]


[Wait... I am scared... Don't leave me]

[huh? how did you go from all bubbly to all sad?]


[Girl, look, you're drunk. Call someone who can help you there. And also stop disturbing me if I don't know you.]

[What will happens to my brother *sniffle* if I die?]

[what what what?]

[*cries* I am scared]

[Hey hey, calm down. Ahh... where am I stuck?]

[Don't leave me. I am scar-]

Call ended



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