Chapter 42

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"Everything sorted out?" Yoongi asked as he saw the couple getting back in.

"Yes!" Hoseok chimed and YN nodded. She looked upto him, "can I get an autograph?"

"On marriage papers? Ya sure," Hoseok responded with a smirk that made made Yoongi cringe excessively while YN was stupefied.

"Where is Taejoon? I need my keys goddamit!" Yoongi hissed.

"Oh his hearing must be to the end, do you guys wanna see a different Taejoon?" YN asked with a very contented smile.

"A different Taejoon?" Hoseok asked.

"Yes. I guess you will be surprised. Let's go to the court," she said.

"But, we cannot go like this you know-"

"We can obviously disguise ourselves!" Yoongi interrupted Hoseok. Anyone could make out the desperation in his tone but the couple were so much into each other that they didn't notice.

"Ok! Then we are going to the court!" She exclaimed.

As they went out, she locked the door once and saw Hoseok entering the driver's seat. She went forward and stopped him.

"I'll drive."


"Because otherwise I would have to give you directions and that's boring."

"If you insist," he gave the keys in her hands. Did she did it because of the direction? No! She knew the proceeding can end anytime, so, she may be needing to drive a bit recklessly to reach in time.

Hoseok sat beside the driver's seat and Yoongi took his comfort in the back seat.

She did what she decided.

"What the fuck? Drive slow YN!" Hoseok yelled, his hands gripping the seat belt while she changed lanes in seconds.

"You only live once Hobi!" She yelled as the speedometer was pointing at an ever time high.

"Cool!" Yoongi responded, clearly enjoying.


"Finally!" She furiously pressed on the breaks making a sound.

"Are you crazy? We could have died!" Hoseok complained, his hair were haywire and his face seemed washed out of any color.

"Sorry dude, I'll make it up to you," she said with a broad smile.

His chest was heaving up and down in apprehension, "And how are you supposed to do that?"

"How about a date?" She winked and this time it was his turn to be dumbfounded. His lips parted gawking at her bright figure.

"Guys please! Can we go?" Yoongi interrupted their eye contact waving a hand between them and she laughed while he was still processing.

They got off the vehicle and followed her lead to the courtroom. As they entered into weirdly quiet room, people with long faces occupying the front seat. The atmosphere seemed tense. They sneaked in and took the back seat. She sat beside Hoseok who in turn sat beside Yoongi.

"I would like to call Mrs Kim as a witness, your honour," Taejoon said and the audience gasped as if someone just brought the dead out of the grave.

Taejoon turned back and his eyes met theirs, his were stern and saturnine as if expressionless. Hoseok thought that he would pass a smile but he didn't. The door opened revealing an old woman, supported by detective Lee, Taejoon's personal detective. Taejoon sighed and fixed his coat a little.

As the woman walked past the crowd, everyone except our oblivious three musketeers had their eyes boggling out of their socket.

"Why is everyone behaving this way?" Hoseok whispered in her ear.

"Because she is the wonder woman. How am I supposed to know?" She whispered back making Yoongi giggle lowly.

The woman stood in the witness box and Taejoon approached her.

"So, Mrs Kim, where were you when the incident took place?"

"I was in the mar-"

"No no no. Where were you all this time?" He interrupted.

The other man in the similar attire, the one contesting him gulped down water from his glass.

"I was kidnapped and I didn't knew where I was till you found me," she replied in a weak shrill voice.

"You may be not knowing but your son right here, he said that you are dead and even faked a death certificate."

There was murmuring in the entire room.

"What the fuck? Is this a drama?" Hoseok whispered.

"Yes. And Taejoon is real life Vincenzo," she whispered back.

"Now tell where were you when the incident took place?" Taejoon requestioned.

"I was there in the house when he violently stabbed Lia in the abdomen. They were having altercations since a time now and never had a happy marriage. But, when Lia demanded for a divorce, he became violent."

"That's it Mrs Kim. That's all I wanted to hear my lord-"

"MOM! How could you? I am your son!" A man in the prisoners uniform lashed towards Taejoon who backed off a little, unconcerned till the gaurds took charge.

"Order order," the judge ordered.

"The jury may now pronounce the verdict," the judge passed a paper to the speaker.

"The jury holds Mr Kim Soo guilty of pre meditative murder of his wife Late Mrs Kim Lia, and illegal abduction of his mother Mrs Kim Iseu, and sentence him for life imprisonment."

Half of the court audience cooed and applauded.

"Did he win?" Hoseok asked.

"Ofcourse he did."

"Then why isn't he smiling?"

"I told you, you're gonna meet a different Taejoon!"

An elderly couple went upto Taejoon, tears smearing the outlines of their faces and he gently greeted them. It was clear that they were the parents of the victim.

"Oh he is coming," Hoseok whispered again, an admiration in his voice as if talking about a hero.

"Don't try to talk to him till he is out of this place," she warned.


"He won't respond. I don't want you to feel awkward."

"Damn attitude-"

"That's called professionalism," Yoongi interrupted Hoseok.

As Taejoon stepped out of the courtroom followed by the three uninvited guests, he heaved a sigh. He lunged his body weight over YN and dramatically gasped.

"Bro I was so scared. I thought what if the method does not work?"

She patted his back, "whatever, don't overreact. Get off me."

Yoongi could not help but laugh at his duality.

"Oh is this meow meow? Did you just laugh buddy?" He said, leaning towards Yoongi, his hands tucked in his pant pockets.

"Who said I laughed?" Yoongi countered.

"Oh really?" He smirked, "if you say so!" He placed an arm over YN's shoulder, "Today's treat from my side!" Pulling her with him towards the exit, basking in the glory of his success. She turned back and gave Hoseok a cheeky smile.

"That's my girl man!" Hoseok yelled.

"That's my man girl!" Yoongi whispered.



"Did you say something?"

"Nothing at all," Yoongi shrugged and moved ahead.

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