Chapter 19

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"Hyung, I'm sorry," Jungkook mumbled for the thousandth time.

"It's okay," I smiled.

"Are you really forgiving me?"

"Yes maknae, its not a big deal anyway and this was deemed to happen," I maintained my calm tone as I watched his pained expression. I felt guilty that I was a reason behind his pain, when it's already been almost a week.

I let out a breath as I moved to my room, closing the door behind me. Instantly, I dropped the fake smile.

I didn't want it to come out like this. I am a coward, I couldn't even say goodbye.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, my heart ached as I stared at the chats. Tears prickled my eyes, I felt trapped and before I knew, I was silent crying. Reading the chats, the specific night chats, I laughed intermittently between of my sobs.

I missed living my life. I missed genuinely laughing. I missed her.

Throwing my phone on my bed, followed by my own exhausted self. Covering my eyes with my elbow, denying to look at life and embracing the darkness that instilled in my heart.

She must be hating on me. She should... She would...

I gulped thinking of her reaction.

But when I'll ask her the same, she'll say life's too short to hate.

A mild smile formed on my lips, only on catching onto her reaction. I don't even know clearly what she looks like, just how her smiling self feels, it feels to be very warm though.

The abrupt ringing of the phone brought me out of daze.

"Unknown Number?"

Incoming call : +8xxxxxxxxx
Yes / No

I panicked a little before finally deciding on not picking it up.

It ringed again. What if it's something important.... What if it's her?

Incoming call : +8xxxxxxxxx
Yes / No


[Are you Hoseok?]

A male voice echoed on the other end. It felt as if someone set pangs into my heart.

I was really, desperately hoping for her call.


[Well Congrats!]


[You brought down
the invincible girl.

Kudos to you.]

Sarcasm dropped down from the tone of the speaker taking me by utter astonishment.

[Excuse me?
I think this is
a wrong number-]

[Yeah right. She was
just a wrong number.]

[...can you please be

Do you know Y/N?]

My heart skipped a beat as I heard her name over the phone. My grip became firm on my phone.

[What happened to her?]

[Oh you remember?
Wow. So thankful I am.]

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