Chapter 41

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2:15 A.M. : I'm sorry YN.
I am so sorry. I am such
a jerk. Please forgive me.

2:30 A.M. : Have you reached
back safe? Are you still in the
bus? Did you get a taxi?

2.36 A.M. : Why is your phn
switched off?? Even Taejoon
is not picking up my call.

2.45 A.M. : YN please I am
sorry. I don't deserve it but pls.

3:10 A.M. : Are you back now?

3:30 A.M. : Have you blocked me?

3:45 A.M. : Just reply me once...

4:18 A.M. : Did you reach back?

Sorry I slept.

And its okay. Are you fine tho?

My entire body was aching due to the brawl I unnecessarily made myself a part of.

He wanted to meet me... He replied at 2, if I would have stayed back a few hours more I could have met him!

After freshening myself up, I took the first aid kit and sat on the couch. I hissed as the anasthetic touched my wound on my elbow.

I heard a bit of shuffling behind me but ignored it eventually.

"What are you doing?"

I yelled in apprehension, startled at the presence and slightly jumped from my seat. I looked back at Yoongi. He was there?

"You are still here?" I blurted out but instantly pressed my lips in a thin line at the rudeness in my tone. It was unintended.

"Do I look like a poster to you? Obviously I am here," he responded dully.

"Are you hurt?" He asked and I shook my head in denial.

"Just a few scratches."

He came upto me to look at my abraded elbow and I watched his eyes widen.

"You call these scratches?"

I gave a nervous chuckle. He leaned a little to the couch to look at it and I could watch his gaze fixate the birthmark I had at my forearm.

"Anything?" I asked, dumbfounded.

He leaned back, furrowed his brows, "do I perhaps know you?"

I looked at him, rather stared straight into his face and then it struck me. The epiphany made me jump from my seat to stand up straight. My one hand straight, pointing at him. He stood there, dumbfounded, bending a bit backward.

"You are Min Yoongi!" I exclaimed.

"Thank you for telling me. I thought I was Angelina Jolie," he sneered.

I rushed back to my room to bring a paper and pen before I forget it again.

"Autograph please!" My tone was more of demanding rather than requesting.

I could take from his expressions that he was taken aback but he gave me the autograph anyway. The paper I will cherish forever. Min Yoongi aka Suga's autograph!

"Where is Taejoon?" He asked while returning me the paper.

"At the court," I briefly replied, my glance fixed at the sheet of paper in my possession till the doorbell rang.

I looked up at him, I don't think Taejoon informed me of any guest. Anyhow, I just went to the door, opening it.

Instantly, I was encountered with a huge force making me stumble backwards. I could feel warmth embracing me, tightly. I was starstruck at the sudden contact. My eyes widened and I was unable to form any movement out of my numb organs.

"I'm sorry YN," Hoseok mumbled. My head was pressed against his buff chest and I could smell his minty cologne.

He placed a kiss on my hair, holding me tighter with every second that flew by. My breathing became uneven and a millions of thoughts fogged my brain.

Why are fireworks so beautiful? Wait. Why are fireworks over my head?

I felt dizzy in his embrace as if a drug, stronger than any alcohol running through my veins. He parted and held me by my shoulders. Stooping down a little, he met my eyes and I hiccuped. My hand involuntarily reached my heart that was beating ever so loud.

"Say something YN please. I am sorry," he spoke again but I was too flustered to form words. I could feel blood coursing my entire body making it so sensitive and warm.

"I... I am about to die," I blurted.

"What? Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?" Hoseok asked and I could hear Yoongi's steps pacing towards me.

"My heart is beating so loud, it seems it would break forth my rib cage!"

Hoseok's concern broke into a chuckle coalesced with Yoongi's stifled laugh. He came up again and hugged me. That didn't help. They think this is a joke? I can die!

"Guys please do this out of the house!" Yoongi grunted. His smile betraying the agitation in his tone.

"Let's talk please," Hoseok pleaded and held my wrist and pulled me towards the lawn.

I mutely followed him till he made me sit on the bench and sat beside me, took my hands in his, "why are you shivering? Are you cold?"

I looked at my trembling hands. Why was I shivering? Am I cold? I don't know.

I shook my head. There had never been a worse time to sneeze. And I confirmed that bad timing is my character trait when I sneezed. I think I am really cold.

He took off his jacket and placed over me. I think I am not returning it any soon. He pulled me close and placed an arm over my shoulder.

"Forgive me YN," his voice sounded heavy.

"I am not angry."

"Be then. Be angry on me!"

"What? Nah! Life's too sh-" he shushed me by place a finger over my lips.

"Shh... Life is not too short. Life is living these emotions. Its what makes you human, this consient, these emotions that you say are dumb. Be angry when you should be, be sad when you feel like it, live your life. Don't run from it," he explained.

"But I don't think there is anything I should be angry about," I looked at his eyes, "I was the one who decided to stay back."

"Explore your heart YN, swap our roles. Think I came to Gwangju and you planned the date and all that happened, just swap roles. What would you expect from me?"

"You... You should be angry," I said.

"Exactly! That's a justified emotion. Now tell me, the truth, are you hurting anywhere?"

"Well, my eyebrows don't hurt," I giggled.

"I'm sorry and I don't know what else to say," he passed in a low voice.

I involuntarily clung onto him, my arms wrapped around his torso.

"What're you doing?"


"You mean Hugging?"

"You're my safe place. And stop questioning and put your arms around me because otherwise I'll surely be angry," I said through his shirt.

"Why? Isn't life too short too be angry?" He mocked. I pinched his back slightly making him let out a pained whimper and wrap his arms around me as we both were just laughing and hugging each other.

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