Chapter 35

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Tuesday, 5:00 P.M.


Heyy are you free now?

Yeah. Anything?

Not as in...

I just wanted to apologise.

No it's okay.

And even I want to meet
you. Like hell, I want to
meet you so fucking much.

I love you so much and
I don't know how to express it.

If you'll need me I'll be
there for you always.

And if you call me at 4 am,
too sad to even say hello, I will
listen to your silence until
you fall asleep.

If you need to cry I will not
wipe your tears
away because you are only
human and sometimes tears
are as close to laughter as
you can get and that's okay.
If you get sleepy I will let you
drool on my arm and I won't
laugh at you if you snore too

If you need to yell so hard that
your voice cracks and your knees
fail I will hold you up and
yell with you.

If you get so angry you punch
your hands red I will ice your
knuckles and tell you that
wounds heal both inside
and out, and just like the cold
that is harsh and burning,
I will always be the warmth
to soothe you and make
you feel better.

I will love you.

...I am speechless

That's the best thing someone
has ever said to me.

Ikr that's the best thing I have
ever written.

Lmao 😂


I love you too and you can
share anything with me.

I am here for you, for always.

It's hard to open up...

It's hard watching people not
knowing what to do.

Its hard to explain being
sad for no reason.

It's hard for me...

You can take your time.

And even though, I may be
helpless and not know what
I should do to help you but
I'll be there for you.

And even if we ever break up,
you'll always be the little one
I want to protect no matter what!

Because believe it or not, you
are important for me.

You're so cute. I can't!!

 I can't!!

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