Chapter 62

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Tears streamed down Ji Hoon's face as a clear spring of emotions. YN too was trying hard to tuck in her tears.

This time, it was Yoongi who held onto Taejoon's hand tightly. His brain and heart were tangled in such a sense that it made his emotions a mess. He cannot ignore it, he cannot accept it, he was stuck somewhere between acceptance and realisation.

Taejoon looked into his empty eyes and immediately embraced him. Yoongi responded almost instantly, hugging him firmly.

"Noona... I- It was me. Dad died because of me," Ji Hoon spoke in a ghostly voice.

YN shook her head frantically. "No Hoon no. Not at all. Dad loved you. A lot. You know the last thing he asked from me was your well-being," she said her hands now cupping his cheeks while she was still kneeling in front of him.

"I... I am not your brother."

She broke down at the statement. "You are. You are my brother. You are my family, my everything. Hoon please..." She cried.

Obviously, Ji Hoon knew that they didn't have the same father but he never imagined that his stepfather died because of him. Not because of him, but he thought so. He got it somewhere clear in his head that YN should hate him and he was scared, he loved her, as a sister, as a family, as a... Mother.

"She is still your sister, what are you saying?" Hoseok added.

He shook his head, "I am the reason dad died. I am the reason mom died. I do not deserve to li-"

"Shut up!" Yoongi interrupted him, standing up and getting off Taejoon's embrace.

"You are not the reason for anything," he responded. The determination in his tone displayed that somewhere he knew what he was speaking and it took everyone off guard.

"How could you be the reason? Do you think you are strong enough to make this happen? Who do you think you are? Lucifer?"

"Yoongs, what-"

"I am trying to clear this out Tae, don't interrupt me," he said looking at Ji Hoon, "All this time I met you, I always had that intuition of knowing you. You just felt close to me, not only you but also to YN. I even asked her if I knew her in some way. I always hated my mother, I always blamed her for my father's despondency.

And I think that was justified. And sorry YN, I hated your dad. I hated the man with whom she cheated on dad. But I never knew that she had a daughter with him and I am thankful for it. Cause if that would have come into my knowledge then, I would have hated you too.

You constitute such an important part of my childhood. As you said, a boy who pretended to be a bitch but was a cinnamon roll', I am embarrassed to accept that your actions that I termed as idiotic made me feel free to let out my real self then. I was so sad and depressed then but the moments I spent with you and Ji Hoon were a bliss. And now that I know that you are my half-sister while Ji Hoon becomes my real brother..." He paused, tears streaming down his face.

Taejoon stood up by his side, intertwining his fingers in his. Yoongi looked at him and inhaled sharply as if the slight touch gave him the strength to continue. Everyone was gawking at him with expectant eyes.

"I am grateful. I am grateful to be connected to such people. I am grateful to find out my childhood friend was my sister and I'm sorry. I remember when eomma died, I saw you and Hoon. I remember that day so clearly that it aches.

You were crying pathetically and as a friend, it was my responsibility to embrace you but I... I blamed you."

"What are you talking about?" Hoseok asked.

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