Chapter 55

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"Are you really gonna sleep?" Taejoon asked Yoongi who was already making himself comfortable on the bed.

"Yes. Hoseok made me drive. I am tired as fuck," he answered, his eyes already closed.

"I see. Fine," he lowly responded.

"You wanna sleep with me?" He asked making Taejoon's heart beat violently.

"I mean we can just cuddle and sleep," he clarified.

"Um.. no. I have some work to do."

He closed the door to his room and sighed. His hand seeped into his Jeans pocket and pulled out the two movie tickets he booked for them.

I should have asked him first. He must be tired. He thought and kept the tickets on the table and sat on the dining table. He opened his laptop, working on his case till his phone rang.

He frowned looking at the caller ID before picking up.


Incoming call : Dad
Accept / Decline


[I would prefer Goodmorning


[Where are you?]

[At my house. I am doing
some wo-]

[Till when are you planning
on running from your

[As I have explained before, I
have no intention in taking
up your business for which you
left me behind.

I am not heartless like you.]

[Nolan! That's completely
ignorant of you. You lived and
ate because of my business.]

[I got deprived of my parents
because of that business of

[That was essential. Wilmer's
is now the biggest brand of
clothing all over the world. Why
do you think I have this? It's all
for you-]

[I don't need it. I need nothing
from you. I have a successful
career, a well paying job, I own
a law firm that gives me enough to
provide for myself and my
loved ones.]

[Your loved ones? That stupid
best friend of yours? Or that cheating
girlfriend? Or your close friend
who ditched you? Or that lame
crush you are having on a boy]

My fists clenched and I was trying hard to supress my anger.


[How dare you yell at

[How dare you look down
on my relations? They mean
more to me than you. YN and
Yoongi do. So, better not speak
about them.]

[Shut Up Nolan! When you'll
need them, they'll not even
be there. They are just there
for your money.]

[No. The thing is, when I'll
need them they'll be there.
Unlike you Mr. Wilmer. You weren't
there when I needed you.
When I needed a dad-]

My gaze averted to the door to Yoongi's room which was now opened and he was standing, leaning to the doorframe. His sleepy eyes and puffy face made him look so adorable. I shook my head to snap out of my thoughts.

[What happened to you?]

[N-Nothing. I have some
work to do. Will talk to you

[Okay. Even when I am
the busy man, it's always you
who hang up]

[I apologise. Bye.]

[Bye. Take care.]

[You too.]

Call ended.

"Am I the work you were talking about?" He smirked as he ruffled his hair and was approaching me.

"N-No I have some work."

He sat by the chair on the side and placed his head on his folded arms on the table.

"What're you doing?" He asked with sleepy eyes.

"Um... I was reading the case file. You need something? Weren't you tired?" I asked, looking at my laptop screen, stealing glances from him.

"I see," he yawned. "I want you."

I could feel the blood gushing to my cheeks, "W- What?" I asked, keeping my glance fixed at the screen but internally I was intimidated.

"You say I am a pervert and look at you taking double meanings of all what I say," he chuckled.

"Not my fault, you use terms like these and most of the time you are actually flirting so."

"But you like it, don't you?"

"Who told you that?" I finally dared to look at him with furrowed brows and a confounded expression.

"Your reactions," he smiled. I was about to say something till he asked instead, "What about your dad?"

"Um... Nothing. We are just on the terms of a cold war."

"Mhm. And what was he saying now?"

"Reminding me of the so called responsibilities he thinks I should take care of."

"What do you think?"

"I know, eventually, I have to bow down to his will as everytime," I sighed.

"Can you please elaborate. I really can't understand, what's his will and what he wants."

"You see, the T-shirt you're wearing, The Wilmer's, it's my dad's company. The biggest fashion brand as he says. I am his only son and he wants me take over his company. The thing is, it's the company he made on the ruins of our father son relationship. I was very close to him as a child, but I was always his second choice."

"Why do you think so? He left you so that he could build a better future for you!" He countered and somewhere I was hurt. It was the first time I was opening up this with my date because I thought he would understand.

"He didn't just left me. He abandoned me. He went abroad and then never took my calls. It was a rare occasion for me to talk to my dad!"

"He's your dad, he thinks the best for you," he said and I was speechless. Obviously, I knew he thinks the best for me. I knew he loves me and I love him, alot. But, was it too much for a teenager to yearn for his father's appreciation or cajoling?

"Yeah I know," I simply responded getting up from my seat until I felt his grip on my wrist pulling me back and I landed on the lap sideways. He wrapped his arms around my waist. My eyes were bawling out of my sockets as I tried to get rid of his grip.

He pecked my cheek that was facing him and I was flummoxed, my movements went stiff and everything was transforming into a green grassland with butterflies as they do in movies.

"Don't just leave me without explaining your part. I have told you so many times. Next time you do, it won't be just a kiss," he warned in a deep baritone note making me gulp.

Anyone, literally anyone could sniff the sexual tension he created in the room. Something he is a pro at.


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