Chapter 49

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Friday, 8:00 A.M.

Ji Hoon

Ji Hoon:

You see?

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You see?

Obviously I got eyes.

Ji Hoon:
What do you think
about it now?

I need time Hoon...
It'll take me atleast a few
months till I can.

Ji Hoon:
I hate you. Literally
you were the one who
bought the car after
you saw the pamplets
one day before.

Why? Because it was for
you! And now when it comes
to me. You suddenly are


Ji Hoon:
That's truth. I know
you hate me too because
you think mom left because
of me and I am a burden
on you.

What are you saying bro,
I never thought it like that.

Where are you getting all
this from.

Ji Hoon:
It has been years Noona,
I never ask you for anything.
Anything! I settle for less.
Always. And you never care.

Why? Cause you hate me. And
I would like to tell you that no!
Mom didn't left us because of
me. She left us because she
was done with life!

Hoon you are getting it all
wrong. It's true mom never
left because of you and I never
said anything bout it.

Ji Hoon:
You never said doesn't mean
I don't feel it.

Just because I have a different
dad, whom I don't even know.
What's my fault in it?

That's it Ji Hoon. Shut the fuck up.
You are my brother and I
love you and am doing my
best to provide for you. It's
just that things aren't favourable

Ji Hoon:
Things are never favorable
for me.

I have no parents

And I have a sister who I
don't even know loves me or
thinks of me as a burden.

How could you?

Ji Hoon:
Truth is harsh.
The schools here thank God.
I don't even wanna talk
to you.

I will stay back at Mike's

Call McDreamy?
Yes / No



[Are you crying? Why?]

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