Chapter 43

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"Sorry to disappoint, buddy, but you do not have a 'mean look'," Taejoon laughed from over the table where the four of them sat.

"Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!" Yoongi grunted back while YN and Hoseok were laughing their ass off.

"If by 'people' you mean 'adorable baby kittens', then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face," he countered making Yoongi glare daggers at him

"Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!"

"I-" the doorbell interrupted his speech. Taejoon furrowed his brows, he wasn't expecting anyone. He got up and left behind a flustered couple and an annoyed man.

"Where is Ji Hoon?" Hoseok asked.

"I told you bout his literature course?"

He nodded.

"It's his literary camp for a few days," she responded taking another bite of her chicken.

"So, you'll be home alone?" Hoseok asked, normally.

She nodded making Yoongi smirk. "So, Hoseok you'll be staying back?" Yoongi asked.

Hoseok looked at him bewildered, "why?"

YN too pulled up her head to glance towards smirking Yoongi. It clicked them together what he meant and she instantly choked.

Hoseok passed her the glass of water and gave Yoongi an intimidating glare which the latter nonchalantly shrugged. There was a loud sound as if something falling which took the presence off guard. They looked at each other before running towards the source.

They stood at the little junction between the living room and the corridor watching a woman in her mid-twenties pinning Taejoon against the wall and wildly kissing him while he looked bewildered at the sudden motion. As if his movements went numb.

"So Hyun..." YN blurted out, once rethinking if she should barge in or not but before she could take any step forward, Taejoon pushed So Hyun with a mild force.

She stumbled back, "how could you Tae?" She faked a cry as if hurt by his demeanour.

"No! How could you?!" He grunted back, "you deliberately forced me into a kiss. You know this is a form of sexual assault?"

"Oh yes? What will you say? A woman forced you into a kiss?" She scoffed.

Hoseok tapped lightly on YN's shoulder making her give him an inquisitive look.

"Record," he mumbled and she complied. Holding up her Phone's camera towards the couple. Yoongi was pissed off at the scene in front of him, "can they do this outside?" He hissed.

"But it's raining outside," hoseok whispered.

"That way I'll add it to my melodramatic movie moment-"

"Shh!" YN asked, shushing the two men.

"Oh yes and so?" Taejoon growled in anger, his fists clenched and he was trying hard not to do anything reckless.

"Oh baby Tae," she said seductively, "you think people will believe you if you say that bullshit? It will be me! I will sue you on charges of harassment and people will easily trust me. Maybe your skills get you out later on but your reputation will be tainted forever... Mr Nolan Wilmer!"

He stared at her, perturbed, she was a woman whom he loved from all his soul.

"H-How do you..." He stuttered.

"How do I know your English name? How do I know? Good question because you never told me." She laughed incoherently, "You never told me love that you are the sole heir of Wilmer enterprises and think such a big name in a scandal! Wow!"

He was dumbfounded, he knew that she wasn't the right one but he never knew she could go to this extent.

"Shut up So Hyun and get lost," YN plunged into the altercation.

"Oh, what is this slut doing here?" She glanced at her disgusted. Hoseok's hand balled in a fist but before he could take any step Yoongi held him back gesturing him to cover his face first.

"We were just living our lives till you interrupted us!" She rolled her eyes.

The two men too made their presence, all disguised.

"Ooh la la YN! One girl, three men. I always knew you weren't as innocent as you pretended to be but you exceeded my interpretations," she mocked.

"Shut up will you?" Hoseok nearly yelled.


"Nuh-uh! Wrong move So Hyun. Talk about him and here this goes to the editorial board," she warned flashing the video in front of her eyes.

"Give that to me," she said with gritted teeth.

"Like you would say and I will. Now get lost before I send this. And besides the identity you came for today, he is also Taejoon who is an excellent criminal lawyer. So," she made eye contact, "fuck off!"

"You don't know me YN! I'll get back on you," she grunted once before leaving the house.

Taejoon crumbled on the floor, completely disturbed and devastated. Everyone's attention diverted to him, he was so happy a moment before and now his entire life was a joke in front of everyone. Before YN could go on towards him, Yoongi knelt down and embraced him. It took him a moment to understand what was happening till he gave up and held him tightly, his tears broke free in a series of gut-wrenching sobs. It was the first time, he actually hated her.

Yoongi took off his mask and motioned his hand down on his back in an attempt to soothe him.

"I... I loved her. I loved a woman like her," he wailed.

YN looked away, nibbling on her bottom lip, tears brimming in her eyes. Hoseok gave him sympathetic looks, but he knew this was of no help as to how heartbroken he was.

"It's okay. At least you know what kind of person she is," Yoongi remarked.

"I loved her, I loved her so much," he ranted, embracing him tightly.

Yoongi parted a bit, cupping his cheeks and wiping off the tears by the pad of his thumb, "it's okay. You are okay and she cannot do anything. I won't let her!"

The sentence gained the attention of the other two as they gave him incomprehensible looks.

"B-but," he fumbled, his hand involuntarily reaching his lips as his eyes widened at the epiphany, "sh- she kissed me."

"You want me to erase it?" Yoongi questioned making him dumbfounded. On getting no response other than a confounded expression from Taejoon, Yoongi leaned in, connecting his lips to his ever so lightly.

YN's lips parted to almost yell when Hoseok covered her mouth and dragged her inside another room.

"Shh... Don't interfere," he whispered, pinning her against a wall. She removed his hand from her mouth and grunted, "he isn't gay!"

"He didn't object though."

"Because he was perplexed!"

"Bu-." The sound of the door opening struck them making Hoseok stop. She pushed him lightly to run out only to find Yoongi kneeling on the floor, his hands hung loosely by his sides and having a flummoxed countenance. "What have I done!" He mumbled lowly.

She looked towards the open door and gulped once before pacing out too. Hoseok came out to witness Yoongi's state.

"Hyung why did you do it?" He asked, kneeling down to him and placing a hand over his shoulder.

"I... I don't know."

"I never thought you were someone who would lose sanity for a boy."

"Neither did I."

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