Chapter 14

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Sat, 6:00 P.M.

Incoming call : +6xxxxxxx
Accept / Decline

Who's this?]

[Who are you?]

[Sorry? You're the one
who called mister.]

[Stay away from Hoseok
you gold digger.]

[Oh wow]

[You don't even deny!]

[Is it any use?
People presume and
make opinions.]

[Well damn.
Whatever. Just leave
him alone.

He has gone through
a lot because of bitches
like you.

Looming around for
his money.]

[Its futile but I'll give
it a try.

I am not that

[Like I would believe

[Has hoseok ever said
I asked for his money?]

[He never told me anything!
I read your last messages.

You were guilt tripping him.]

[Well um, I'm calling
Taejoon to file a case of
invasion of privacy]

[You have worked your
charms upon him-]

[What? Hahahhaha]

[Why are you laughing?]

[Did you- hahahhaha

Did you say charms??

Sorry to disappoint
buddy but I got no
charms! Hahhaahaha]

[I called you to ask you
to stay away from Hoseok.

But, are you okay?]

[Yeah. Just the joke
was very funny- hahahaha]

[Was not expecting to
have this sort of

[But, did anyone ever
told you that you sound
like Yoongi from BTS?]

[Huh? Never.


Call ended.

Sat, 7:30 P.M.

Did you recieve any call
from someone?


And I got accused of
being a gold digger 😂

And I got accused of being a gold digger 😂

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