Chapter 59

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"Oh wow, my man is such a boyfriend material!" He applauded loudly as I placed the dishes on the table. My cheeks were hurting in attempt to stop my smile tearing apart my face.

"Don't you get cringed when you speak 'my man' over and over again?" I asked.

No complaints though.

He shrugged, "I always wanted my girlfriend to call me that. It felt a matter of pride that I am someone's who is ready to accept myself. Not in a platonic way ofcourse. But now, I think speaking it is better." He sat down on the chair and took a bite of the pork cutlet I prepared, he immediately panicked. His hand fanning his mouth and his eyes watered. He probably burnt his tongue.

"Let it out," I insisted but he shook his head. Gasping and then swallowing the bite.

He stuck his tongue out, showing where he got burnt. I poured a glass of water for him and he instantly chugged down the entire glass.

"That was tasty," he said, still with desperate gasps and bloodshot eyes. His actions made me smile. He was so considerate.

"Are you okay?" I asked and he nodded, taking another bite but I stopped it from eating then. I took the chopsticks from his hands, rather snatched, blowing on the piece of food between it and then placed it in front of his lips. My one hand beneath it preventing it from falling.

He looked at me once and gave a broad smile before capturing the food and then devouring it with the same smile. How much more does he wants me to fall for him?

"You too, eat," he insisted.

"I made this for you since I was at fault. I'm sorry Tae. I just get angry so early. Well usually I don't but I don't know why when you refrain yourself from speaking something to me or try to runaway from me, it makes me feel odd. I am not angry, but it comes out as that," I sighed.

"You know Yoongi... Lemme tell ya, short tempered people are the absolute pure hearted. They don't pent up rage and just burst out momentarily. But the thing is, you are always responsible for your words no matter how you feel. Something that I call facts of life and I absolutely hate them. I will understand you but not everyone will. I can see through your eyes but not everyone has the time for the same. Actually, no one cares except a countable few," he explained and I was dumbfounded. I had only seen him as a light hearted, sentimental and highly professional man.

"I don't give a fuck about people whom I am not connected to. They would judge anyway," I replied, feeding him another bite.

"That's a way of looking at it. But..."


"If you're not tired anymore... Can we go somewhere?" He asked with hesitant eyes. I'd go anywhere with you!


"Where are we going?" I asked and he winked. The stars were already twinkling in the night sky while he was painting his car nameplate with mud. What was he upto?

He gave me a mask and a beanie while he himself wore his hoodie and mask and gestured me to sit in the car and so I did.

He drove for minutes without words and then stopped abruptly, practically nowhere. It was just an empty street.

He looked at me while pulling the handbrake and pulled down his mask to display a broad grin. His eyes displayed nothing but pure excitement. I was absolutely clueless what he was doing and the only reply he gave me was - 'Its time to execute YN's plan!'

He reached out for something at the back seat and pulled out a big bag that rustled of metal. He opened the chain and unveiled a can. A spray can. He gave me one and I took it anyway. It was a bottle of spray paint.

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