Chapter 54

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Taejoon looked at Yoongi who was idly sitting looking around her living room.

"How were you?" Taejoon asked.

"Good. How were you?" He asked back, looking at him.

"Good," he responded simply.

"Good... That's... Good!"


"What are you doing?" Ji Hoon came back with a tray, serving the food items and juice glasses to the guests.

Yoongi slightly leaned to Taejoon's ear, "Isn't he like really well behaved?"

"Bro, Yoongi thinks you are well behaved."

The child bowed and conveyed a formal thanks which made Yoongi admire him even more.

"Please have something. Noona made these today in the morning," he gestured towards the sandwiches and cookies.

"That's why I am here today," Taejoon chimed, quickly taking a handful of cookies and eating two at a time.

Yoongi slapped his thigh lightly, "what're you doing?"

He shrugged nonchalantly.

"You are in?" Yoongi asked Hoon.

"High school."

"You're pretty disciplined for a high schooler," he complimented to which the youngest smiled broadly.

Taejoon was eyeing their conversation like a hawk, eating the cookies jubilantly.

"Yoongs, let's go to my house and let Hoon study," he said.

"It's not an issue Hyung. You can stay for as long as you wish."

Taejoon glared daggers at him which Yoongi noticed and giggled. "Okay let's go. Thank you Ji Hoon. It was nice meeting you," Yoongi said getting up.

The youngest bowed once expressing his goodbyes.

"Bye Bro," Taejoon said.

"Bye Hyung. Have fun," he smirked, what he thought was hidden from the newly acquainted but Yoongi was noticing each of his actions and he smiled unknowingly at their relationship.


"Baby, Baby, Baby ooh~ like Baby, Baby, Baby, Nooo~" she vibed with the music in the car making Hoseok laugh loudly while driving.

"Baby, Baby, Baby Ooh~" she chimed enthusiastically and then pointing towards Hoseok which he instantly noticed.

"I thought you'd always be mine, mine~" he continued and then chuckled.

She opened the car window and let the wind interwine with her obsidian-black hair making her look so carefree.

"Oh look, a police car," she claimed.

"Hm. So?" He asked, looking at it as they passed by it when she suddenly yelled out of the window.

"Ahhh!!! Ouchhh!!"

"What happened? Are you fine?" He inquired and she snorted.

"Why did you yell? Should I stop?"

"Why did I yell? Um... Look at the rear view mirror."

He complied and saw the police car following them, suddenly the sirens were oddly audible. His eyes widened at the epiphany as glanced towards her and she nonchalantly shrugged.

"Step on the gas," she smirked evilly.

"What? I think we should stop by th-"

Her hand itself went to his right thigh, pressing it. He was forced to comply. The car following them increased its speed too.

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