Chapter 58

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As the sun dipped below the horizon, the fleeting colors of dusk began to fade away. The charcoal-black rocks circled around small pools of water, shimmering confidently before dark fell upon them.

The music system was bursting with music to which we were dancing and twirling a few minutes before. The empty lunchboxes by its side. She really brought all what one could expect. Her Pandora's box turned into the Doraemon's pocket, having literally everything one could ask for.

Exhausted and restless we were sitting on the picnic blanket. The soft pastels of tangerine and indigo stretched over our heads and stars flaunted their luminosity looking absolutely breathtaking and courageous to outshine the dark.

Our legs were spread straight and our hands supported our little lean backwards. I turned my sight towards her who was looking towards the sky. Her sunkissed skin made her such a beauty I never found in any woman. She was special. Her eyes shone aspirations like the twinkling stars concealed by tufty clouds sporadically.

My gaze averted to her hand on the blanket, her slender fingers moved a little and suddenly, I was jealous of the blanket for it gets to touch her. My right hand itself went and landed over hers. My heart raced at the touch, her skin felt like rose petals when it brushed against mine.

She looked towards me, then towards our hands and then back at me. Her lips bore the semblance of a smile.

"What?" She asked and I shrugged.

"The stars are so beautiful," I changed the topic and her gaze averted back to the darkening sky.

"They are just giant balls of gases."

I was not very much appealed by her reply, "you know what, if you're just going to ruin it then I-"

"And yet none of them is as huge as my love for you," she continued. I honestly had chills on hearing that. I felt butterflies swarming in my stomach like some hungry beast when she spoke the words so delicately.

She looked back at me with a broad smile, "I love you Hobi. We are here today, under this brilliant sky and seriously I could have said something so much better. But I just cannot string the twenty six alphabets in a sequence that would describe my feeling. It's just that I honestly love you."

She took a deep breath without realising the effect her dulcet voice caused to my soul, "I'm totally in love with you. The kind of love that burns so intense it feels like an explosion of fireworks in your body. The love that leaves you sleepless but exhilarated, speechless but poetic, lost but exactly where you're meant to be. The feel-so much-you-get-scared kind of love. The can't-sleep-can't-breathe-can't-eat kind of love. The love I never knew I was searching for, I found in you, meri jaan."

"Mary Jane?"

She chuckled, "Not Mary Jane, 'Meri Jaan', it's a Hindi phrase that means my life."

"You know Hindi?"

"Not much, just a few phrases. I am a bit intrigued by the Indian culture," she smiled.

"Marry me YN," I asked, completely out of the box. No, I didn't plan this, I spoke it without realising but I nowhere regret it.

Her lips parted and her expressions dropped. I knew I hastened it but now there was no going back. I absolutely loved her.

"I don't know why things never go as I plan for them YN, the proposal I did earlier and now today. I know it's very sudden and bland and I don't even have a ring. I just have my love. I know it's just our second date and it has been just months since we started dating. As far as our friendship is concerned, it has been somewhat an year. But you, you're special to me. When I'm with you I feel something is just right.

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