Chapter 65

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"What the fuck? It obviously will be me!" Taejoon grunted, frustration forming wrinkles on his smooth forehead.

"You are no where in competition! It's between me and Ji Hoon," Yoongi contested.

"Even you aren't. No one is in my competition. It's obviously me who would walk her down the aisle," the youngest added.

"Because dad is not in his best of health. It obviously becomes the responsibility of his eldest son to carry out his duty," Yoongi said.

"But you guys are forgetting, the most close relationship here is me and her, we have shared a friendship of sixteen years and I have no one, this is my only chance to walk someone down the aisle," Taejoon added.

"Walk your daughter-"

"I'll walk my daughter," Yoongi interrupted Hoseok who was watching the three men debating, standing beside a grinning YN.

"Why would you? I will be her dad!" Taejoon nearly yelled.

"What do you think I would be? Her mom?"

"If you insist!"

"Guys guys calm down. First of all, why fight when you don't even have a kid right now," YN added.

"God! They haven't even married yet," Hoseok laughed.

"Let's do a thing, me and Hoseok can walk alone, it's the trend-"

"NO!" The three men yelled unanimously.

"Ok ok. How about chit system?"

After a lot of frowning and whining, they finally settled on the chit system. The person picking up the chit being Hoseok.

"Pick up goddamit!" Yoongi grunted.

Taejoon who stood on the left of Yoongi, watched Hoseok intently while Ji Hoon was as if threatening his gonna be brother-in-law, standing on the right of Yoongi.

Hoseok gulped, "what's the big deal-"

"Pick!" The three yelled and Hoseok quickly picked a chit and passed it to YN without even opening it.

"It's Yoongi," she smiled, showing the chit to the audience.

Yoongi had a broad gummy smile plastered on his face.

"That's wrong," Ji Hoon complained pulling his hoodie.

"Why does he get to be the lucky one?" Taejoon hissed, punching him playfully while the oldest just maintained his proud smile.


"Hyung, how do I look?" Ji Hoon asked Yoongi who was settling the now coat for his younger brother.

"You look great," he said.

"Do I look better than you?"

"Obviously not!" Yoongi grinned while the younger just frowned.

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Ji Hoon reference:

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