Chapter 31

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I placed the phone in my overcoat's pockets. I never expected this to happen, not at least just two days after they decided to get back on. I came here just to pay off some dues that I had when I was a regular but seeing her sitting on some man's lap and sipping on her champagne made my blood boil.

I felt disgusted and has the urge to bash out at her but she obviously had larger manpower. I sat there on one of the chairs, tapping the table with my fingernail in apprehension, my vision not leaving the entrance and then finally he entered.

He plunged in with a speed, not much concerned with the people around. Also the dim red and blue light gave me no advantage. My phone rang.

Incoming call : Tj
Accept / Decline

[Where the fuck are you?]

[Table no. 4]

[You are so dead.]

Call ended

My table was just beside hers and what a love, she was so immersed in her foreplay, she didn't even notice me.

"You motherfuc-" his voice halted as his eyes darted to the table next to me.

I ran up to him, waiting for his reaction. His eyes never left the figure of his love laughing and scrunching her nose on some lame jokes.

"Taejoon..." I mumbled holding his arm, waiting for his reaction. The only movement his entire body had was that of the tear that trickled down his cheeks.

"There's no use crying over such person Ta-" he yanked away my grip taking heavy full steps towards her table. I tried to calm him, but no use. He forcefully threw the table with all the drinks upside down.

The shattering of glasses and his scream gained everyone's attention. The club became quiet.

She got up, her short golden dress giving a full display of her cleavage. Her curled black hair rained over her bright face. She was as bright as the dress in looks, but she made herself so dull but her actions.

"T-Taejoon..." She whispered.

"Shut up!" He shouted and she flinched.

"What's up man, what's your issue?" A drunk man spoke up in her defence standing in between him and her.

"Taejoon let's go," I advised.

His eyes were bloodshot and he did not attempt to wipe the tears that smudged his face. His chest was heaving up and down to show how deep he was breathing to control his heartbreak and fury.

"Hyun, who is he?" He spoke, his voice now resounding the entire club as everyone was focused on the brawl.

"H-he is," she gulped.

"Tell me goddammit!" He yelled.

"Hey hey, buddy calm down. She's my girl, any issues?" The man blurted out.

I went to him and held his arm again, "Hey, let's go now." He looked towards me, his watery eyes displayed only pain. He nodded and we started to pace out till our steps were halted and So Hyun stood in front of us.

How dare she?!

"Leave the path So Hyun," I warned.

"Taejoon listen to me please," she begged. I snickered a sarcastic laugh and motioned him to move past him as we did so.

I was forced to stop in the tracks when he did at her words, "I really love you Tae."

Not this all over again.

I looked at him and I swear to God, I had never seen him this dangerous- devastated and furious. He turned around and walked towards her and she took alternate steps backwards.

"So, you love me huh?" He asked hauntingly.


"Oh. So, who is he?"

She gulped instinctively as she continuously moved backwards till her back hit the wall.

"H- He is a one night stand," she reasoned.

Was I hearing right? A one nightstand?

"When you have a boyfriend?" He questioned as the proximity increased in a tone that was alien to me.

"Taejoon leave le-"

"Shut up!" He yelled looking back at me and I bit my lower lip.

"Shut. Up. I. Said. Let me talk to this miss right here," his head moved back to look at her, caging her in between his body and the wall. I could tell that anger was controlling his actions.

"So, yes Miss. So Hyun?" He asked. Sarcasm dropping from his guttural voice.

"A-actually, it was just, you know... Um..."


"What's so wrong with what I did, huh? Do you think I don't know your relationship with YN?" She daringly spoke. I could see him clench his fists at it.

"Watch what you are speaking So Hyun, you know it better than anyone. I and Tj are just friends," I blurted out. Not liking it an ounce that this was now a public merrymaking event.

"Friends? Or friends with benefits?"

This sentence was enough to rage a storm in the rain beaten waters as Taejoon pulled back his clenched fist. She flinched, I moved ahead to calm him down, but I was late.

He can never hurt her, he hurt himself instead. His fist landed on the brick wall causing his knuckles to bleed. He turned around and walked past me. So Hyun tried following him but I stood in her path.

I took the wine glass from the nearby table, splashing the liquid on her caked face.

"How dare you?" She questioned as she tried to move ahead but I deliberately threw the glass on the floor very near to her feet causing it to break into pieces.

I turned to leave once glancing at the manager, "add this one glass to my account." And he nodded mutely.

I hurried out where he was getting into his car, furiously opening the door.

"Hey hey, I'll drive," I proposed.

"Leave me alone."

"Shut up," I took the car keys from his hands and forced him into the passenger seat.

As I sat in the driver's seat, I heard him sniffle.

"I am sorry YN," he said wiping off his tears.


A/N: poor Taejoon ಥ‿ಥ

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