Chapter 60

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The stars decorated the beautiful azure blue scenery above us and it was a sight driving on the empty highway, with her by my side, my future wife.

I smiled at the thought and looked towards her who was already dozing off, making me chuckle lightly. She must be tired after all those beautiful dance steps. The mellow music was as if vibing with this, it felt like the universe was embracing our love and as always something just felt right.

Now was the time, I really don't know how would we be able to unveil the truth to her, or how would she react. I really just don't want her to hurt.

I pulled over at Taejoon's as we planned earlier. Glancing back at her, I had no intention of waking her up, she seemed so peaceful.

"YN?" I called out. No response.


Her forehead creased in annoyance as she moved her lips in sync. Her hands were mildly gripping the seat belt and her head tilted to face me but she was still asleep.

I shook her a little.

"Get lost Hoon," she mumbled with an irritated expression.

I lightly took off her hands from the seatbelt and then unbuckled it followed by unbuckling mine.

I got off the car and opened the gate to her seat. I cautiously placed an arm behind her neck and was about to place another under her knees to pick her up but her eyes fluttered open, exactly when our faces were inches apart. I immediately recoiled, and in the process my head hit the car roof.

I groaned in pain while she ignorantly yawned. I rubbed the back of my head to soothe the pain.

She stretched herself and finally spared me a glance. She immediately stormed out examining me.

"Are you okay? What happened?"

How very ignorant but how very considerate at the same time.

"I got hurt when I was trying to get you up," I whined like a kid.

"Sorry," she displayed an apologetic expression. Her teeth sinking in her lower lip.

"Pay me!" I demanded.

"You have to go to the hospital? Does it hurt that much?" She inquired, pressing her palm against my head for which she had to stand on her toes. She was examining me, the proximity was such that I could feel her breath on my cheeks and the wind transformed my heart into a kite, fluttering like crazy.

I snaked my arms on her small waist pulling her closer to me. She was perplexed, but before she could speak a word, I pecked her lips. How will I live without this?

It was dark and the white moonlight turning the chaotic world into a heaven's cradle. And she was my angel. I saw her cheeks getting a natural blush and she looked so alluring. Maybe I should just hold her, here, forever.

"H-Hoseok leave, someone would see us!"

Doesn't they seem typical wife words?

"I don't care, give me a hug," I protested.

"Are you a kid?"

"You call me baby, so... Maybe?" I countered while she was trying to contest my grip on her frame.

"I really got hurt because of you and this is how you show your sincerity?" I pouted.

She sighed and then the space between us exploded. She hugged me, her arms wrapped around my torso. She felt human - my human. I snuggled my head in the crook of her neck and inhaled her mild vanilla scent. I knew I had to recall this when I will be alone. I placed a small butterfly kiss on her neck and she shivered in my embrace.

"If you guys are done, we can just talk about something?" A voice interrupted us. Yoongi Hyung. She immediately parted and feigned any exchange of glances with anyone.

Taejoon slightly smacked Hyung's arm, "You really had to destroy their moment?"

Did he tell him already?

"I would have not if you would have not lost the house keys goddamit!" He grunted.

"You lost the house keys?" She immediately questioned her bestfriend.

Taejoon's hand reached the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"It's okay. Let's go to my house for now."

"Yess!" Taejoon added jubilantly only to recieve a kick on his leg by Hyung.

"Don't coat your negligence with excitement, you careless brat!"

He faked a cry coming ahead and hugging YN to which Yoongi Hyung scoffed. Why do they hug so much?

"I am in an abusive relationship," he whined.

"Get off me, you clingy shit!" She cursed.

"No one loves me," he whined when Yoongi Hyung just pulled him back and honestly, I was grateful.

"What are you saying? I love you," he replied. And Taejoon went all clingy over him. Honestly, I have never seen Yoongi Hyung, blushing and smiling so much.

"Come on then," I said and the happy couple took their comfort in the passenger seat.

I was about to sit in the driver's seat when YN stopped me, "Believe me, I'll drive safe. You just drove for so long. It's practically exhausting."


"Shut up and sit there," she interrupted me and pointed towards the seat where she was sitting before and I complied.

Wasn't this like a very wifey nagging?

I sat by her side and she really went by her words, driving like a sane person would.

Her house wasn't faraway and we reached in a few minutes. She parked the car and we got out.

Instead of her, Taejoon went ahead ringing the doorbell and Ji Hoon opened the door.

My heart was beating nervously. How were we going to tell them the truth. We went inside to her living room.

"Make yourselves comfortable," she said gesturing towards the sofa and we all took our seats.

"YN, come sit with us," Taejoon added, she tilted her head in confusion but followed anyway sitting beside me. I was lowkey proud that she sat beside me instead of him.

Obviously, a wife should sit beside her husband! Am I thinking a lot about her being my wife? Well these are just my thoughts, no one knows anyway!

"Okay, then I'll bring something to eat," the youngest bowed.

"Hey, Ji Hoon, you too sit with us," I said and I could feel her confounded gaze on me.

"Um... Why?" He asked.

"Just do it," Taejoon added and the younger complied, sitting on my other side.

"You are creating suspense like a horror movie," Hyung joked but we were serious, I mean I was serious. He was just laughing jubilantly making the others laugh too including YN. What's so special in him? Ok, maybe I was a little jealous of him. Obviously, he is my girlfriend's boy bestfriend.

I looked at Taejoon and he in turn looked at me. Both of us gesturing each other to start the conversation till I finally added,

"Okay, so, we have something to tell."


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