Chapter 2

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"Let me go!" I shouted as Higuchi held me, locking her arms around me and held me back.

"Woah, calm down y/n!" Higuchi said as I struggled in her grip.

"Hey! I was about to take him down! Why do you have to come in and take all the glory after I did all the hard work? Bastard! You fu-" I yelled but was cut off as Higuchi placed her hand over my mouth, muffling the curses flinging out of my mouth.

Akutagawa looked at me with a deadpanned look before turning away and walking off.

Once Higuchi was sure Akutagawa was out of earshot, she finally let me go.

"I'm going to kill him!" I spat out, making Higuchi wince at my aggressiveness as an impressive list of curses left my mouth.

"He didn't do anything that bad-" Higuchi started but I was already storming off.

"Fucking bastard." I muttered under my breath as I made my way back to Port Mafia, Higuchi trailing behind me as she watched me curse Akutagawa, not caring as if it happened everyday.

Okay, in all honesty, it did happen mostly everyday.

But then again, it's not my fault that Akutagawa has to be so annoying.

Ever since we were both put under Dazai-san's supervision, we fought against each other to receive Dazai-san's recognition first.

Even though Dazai-san's left Port Mafia... well, let's just say the competition still hasn't worn off.

I arrived at Port Mafia soon, already barging in through the doors, a deadly aura emitting off me, sending a message to everyone to leave me alone.

I just climbed the building to Mori-san's office, slightly aggressively tapping on the door as Mori-san answered, telling me to come in.

"Mori-san, the mission has been completed-" I started to say as I pushed the door open but paused as I spotted a familiar black haired, emo boy with his black coat.

"Akutagawa." I seethed out as Mori-san didn't seem fazed by the sudden venom lacing my tone.

Like I said, it was a daily thing that most Port Mafia were used to by now.

"Ah, Y/n-chan, Akutagawa-kun was just telling me that he completed the mission." Mori-san said as I continued to glare at Akutagawa.

"He completed the mission?" I asked, emphasising on the 'he', making Mori-san nod.

"You son of a bi-" I started as I stalked towards Akutagawa, raising my fist, ready to swipe that small smug look off his face.

However, Mori-san coughed, interrupting me before I could finish my words as he raised an eyebrow.

"As much as I would enjoy watching a fight, take it down to the training rooms, not my office." Mori-san said as I clenched my fists tightly before lowering them.

"Fine then. You and me, down at the training room. Right now." I said as I glared up at Akutagawa, eyes filled with fire.

I knew Akutagawa didn't like fighting, especially as he called it 'unnecessary' but well, it was plain obvious I was provoking and challenging him.

Akutagawa stayed silent for a second as I waited for his answer, before he said, "No."

Turning around he walked out the room and I glared at him, flipping him off as I rolled my eyes and turned to Mori-san.

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