December 10, 2021 - More ways for writers to earn money and adapt their stories!

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This week, we announced an exciting new partnership between Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and ViacomCBS—a deal to bring stories from some of Wattpad's most talented and creative voices to ViacomCBS' networks and platforms, including its global premium streaming service Paramount+.

Wattpad WEBTOON Studios has worked with Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, Crunchyroll, The Jim Henson Company, Vertigo Entertainment, Constantin Film, Penguin Random House, and many other leaders in entertainment and publishing to bring Wattpad stories to bookshelves and screens—and we work directly with our writers to compensate them and elevate their work. It's just one part of our commitment to helping writers earn money on and off Wattpad.

If you're a writer or an engaged fan on Wattpad, you might be wondering how it all works—how do we select stories for entertainment and publishing opportunities, how are writers paid, and when can you expect to see your favorite story adapted? Let's break it down:

How do we determine which stories to adapt? We rely on your story's audience engagement, community sentiment, data insights, and our team of editorial experts to find great stories, unique voices, and trends. We know that Wattpad writers are constantly creating the trends and phenomena that resonate with fans, which is why we are constantly working with media executives and publishers to pinpoint the best and brightest voices from the millions of stories on the platform.

How do we approach a writer? Getting your work discovered and developed can be an exciting albeit brand-new process for a writer. We work directly and collaboratively with writers (and in some cases, their literary agents or managers) to develop deal points and agreements that take into account the professional priorities and career aspirations of the writer.

Who owns my story on Wattpad? You do. You own all the rights to the content you create and post on Wattpad. This is an important part of our Terms of Service and will not change. That also means that no story can be adapted without the express and enthusiastic permission of the writer.

How can I get my work discovered? Posting your story on Wattpad is the first step. We look for stories with engaged audiences, so sharing your story, engaging with readers, and updating frequently can help it stand out. The Watty Awards are also a great way to get your story on our team's radar. But popularity and awards aren't our only indicators of success. Our editorial team is always hunting for original, undiscovered, diverse voices to bring to our partners. TL;DR—keep writing, keep sharing your voice.

Want to hear from some of our writers? Here's what they have to say: 

"Everyone at Wattpad Studios truly wants the best for their Creators, and I couldn't imagine starting this journey any other way." - @avaviolet

"Working with Wattpad Studios is like a dream. Not only do they care about your success, but also staying true to your vision." - @pandean

We hope you're as excited by this news as we are. There is a bright future ahead for writers on Wattpad, and we look forward to offering even more opportunities and ways for writers to grow their careers and earn money for their creativity in the years ahead.

- Wattpad HQ

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