Celebrating Pride on Wattpad 🌈

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Hi Wattpadders! 👋

Wattpad has always been home to diverse stories featuring characters from all over the spectrum of identity, and we love celebrating this — especially during Pride. 🌈

We're kicking off Pride Month by sharing our Stories with Pride Reading List, a curated selection of stories full of LGBTQIA+ representation (think: lesbian crime bosses, gay vampires, trans high-school romances, and so much more). Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming reading event with exciting prizes, as well as the Wattpad Ambassador annual Pride get-together.

Don't know where to begin? We get it, it's overwhelming. Here are a few hot off the press stories get you started:

Mismatched by SuperheroesAndSprite

When Nate agrees to babysit his aunt's esteemed matchmaking business, he doesn't expect a computer error to force him to pose as a fake match to one of her intolerable clients, Riley, creating a messy mismatch that might just turn out to be a perfect fit.

The Queer Rebels by rhymeswithfry 

In a society where technology enhances conformity, Charlie defies expectations by requesting to transition to male. But when the system wants to change his brain rather than his body, he and the woman he loves must join forces with a group of Queer Rebels to fight for their freedom.

I Hate You Too by cammie_grace

When enemies Dallas Cooper and Amara Singh stage a fake relationship to get revenge on their exes, the last thing they're prepared for is their feud-ridden hatred turning into love. Season 1 of I Hate You Too is coming June 3. Add it to your library and get notified when it's available for you to read.

Happy reading!

— Wattpad HQ

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