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November 10, 2023

Hi, Wattpadders 🪔

Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is the celebration of light over darkness, and for some, is one of the most widely observed times of year to come together, exchange gifts, feast, and share stories. Of course, sharing stories is what we do best here on Wattpad.

To celebrate Diwali, we've put together a reading list highlighting South Asian writers we know you'll love. Overwhelmed with choice? We're spotlighting some of these incredible stories here to get you started.

Saving Satyavan by romance_lover16

She had failed. Dharmaraj had won, taking Satyavan, her dear husband, with him. But Savitri's not about to lose the man she loves without a fight. Aided by Suman, a sweet but blissfully ignorant disciple of Sage Agastya, Savitri makes the perilous journey to Naraka to retrieve Satyavan's soul. But the path to the land of the dead is not an easy one. Filled with fiery gods, ravenous rakshasas, and cunning carnivores, Savitri is risking her life to save Satyavan. Will she be able to rescue him before he's gone forever? Or will she not only lose him, but herself, in the process?

Daughters of Kalika by Shivran86

Maya has been tasked with writing something about the folk of Devipuram for the upcoming Puja magazine. She decides to visit the slums where the prostitutes live. Here, she meets Radha- a beautiful prostitute with a daughter. The very next day, Radha is found dead in the temple premises. And what the villagers label as the next-in-line in a chain of paranormal murders is a magnetic mystery in the life of Maya which tempts her to get to the root of this cruelty. Will she succeed in finding out the culprit or succumb to death like the five victims?

Jackal Eka by equinoxmoon

As mysterious flash-floods rising from a dam reservoir begin drowning the town of Ketakey, it is up to the mages of the Kingdom of Kedhara to keep its citizens safe. Daminey Roukha, a mage apprentice of the Jackal lineage tasked with rescuing civilians finds herself plunging headfirst into her nightmares as she navigates the town. With inexplicable and terrifying phenomena thwarting her attempts at saving the locals from the deluge, time is a stream of sand slipping through her fingers.

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