A Starship Called Starsong by CrystalScherer
A Starship Called Starsongby Crystal Scherer
Space. The final frontier. We have always relied upon technology to travel through space, but sometimes that very same technology has a mind of its own... This story was...
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Wings of Fire Ideas!  by Onewhisker
Wings of Fire Ideas! by Garbage
A book full of ideas for your Wings of Fire fanfiction! Name ideas, characters, book covers, and more..! This used to be called "WoF name ideas" but I decided...
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TomTord Oneshots (PERMANENT HIATUS?) by MadisonCianciarulo
TomTord Oneshots (PERMANENT Just call me Dark
(Mostly TordTom, to be honest, since Tord is mostly the top in these) Heyo everyone. I was bored and have to wait to make another story, so I thought 'you know what? I'm...
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Langst/Klangst oneshots by Kitty_Lover179
Langst/Klangst oneshotsby Fandom Freak
A bunch of Langst and Klangst for those of you who like seeing Lance suffer. *DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT OWN VOLTRON, OR THE COVER. The ideas and chapters in this book are not...
  • oneshot
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Sanders Sides Smut Prompts by SimplyleeZ
Sanders Sides Smut Promptsby El
A collections of prompts for anyone to use. Based on Sanders Sides ship. All will be NSFW. Check me out on tumblr ->
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Changing Will Prompts by promptingskenekidz
Changing Will Promptsby Jen
  • gay
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Spideypool Oneshots/Prompts by rxckandmorty
Spideypool Oneshots/Promptsby morty and rick
I found OTP prompts online and thought why not so here we goooo....... There is cussing but nothing else should be extreme Also no hate please this should be a safe plac...
  • deadpool
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TMNT x Reader | Song preferences | Imagines PART THREE! by chatchoow
TMNT x Reader | Song preferences | catchoow
Continuation from my second book! (I've reached the limit of 200 parts). Hope you enjoy! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Favorite songs. Imagines. Sometimes fluff, sometim...
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Prompts - Larry by smallworldinsideofme
Prompts - Larryby Karola
Prompty z Larrym
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иαтєραт ρяσмρтѕ~ уσυ'яє тσσ мυ¢н fυи by PastelJackPunkNate
иαтєραт ρяσмρтѕ~ уσυ'яє тσσ мυ¢н Jack/Nate
Ima be Nate cause yeah. I am his admin. You're possibly neva gonna be him. Hehe ;) Also, if I don't answer, DO NOT spam me! I will delete your comment if you do that. I...
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WRITING HELP  ( TIPS. ) by lauhrens
WRITING HELP ( TIPS. )by bridget.
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Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert Imagines and Preferences//Requests OPEN// by king_toby-parker
Katherine Pierce and Elena King Toby ✌
Basically what the title says✌?️ Warning: Reader is g!p
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Ziam One Shots (Bottom Liam) by ZiamAmour
Ziam One Shots (Bottom Liam)by Ziam Amour
Comment requests for bottom Liam Ziam one shots or just Ziam one shots without smut :)
  • ziampalik
  • 1directionfanfic
  • liampayne
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Wincest Oneshots by iamlowkeyjesus
Wincest Oneshotsby LowkeyJesus
Warning: smut Love xx ~LowkeyJesus
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  • samwinchester
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One Shots/Short Stories  || Langst  by anime_angst
One Shots/Short Stories || Langst by ΛПDЯӨID
Please enjoy! Sickness, Mental illness, Injury, You name it! *Disclaimers: Cover is not mine! Any art is not mine unless said so. If you know the artists, please tell...
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Writing Prompts by sillymeya
Writing Promptsby {a m e l i a}
Just a book of cool and fun prompts to help get ideas for a new story or inspiration for an existing one! Hope y'all have fun! I do encourage you to share your ideas in...
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OTP Prompts by miki-saur
OTP Promptsby 美樹 / miki
A paper boat symbolizes your willingness and determination to go against the tough waves thrown against you. Hello! Anyone is free to use these, just make sure to credit...
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coffeeshop soundtrack • story ideas by cassettes
coffeeshop soundtrack • story ideasby ???
inspiration for your stories (hopefully)
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We are a club offering amazing opportunities just for you! Do you want to receive positive feedback, meet new people, make new friends, and grow together in this fantast...
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A Lost Soul (Bill Cipher x Reader) by AmazingAlex_
A Lost Soul (Bill Cipher x Reader)by Alexander
*A Gravity Falls X reader* (((Cover Art By Me))) "Gravity Falls has always been known for the paranormal happenings,but hey I guess that's why I'm still here... I m...
  • lemon
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