October 20, 2021 - Beware the full moon... Werewolf Week is coming! 🌕

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Listen for the howls and look for those yellow, piercing eyes—Werewolf Week officially begins at Wattpad on October 25. Join the wolfpack by following the Werewolf profile and don't forget to add Community Happenings to your library to be notified of all that's happening next week.

So here you are. After a long day, you're cozied up and venturing deep into Wattpad, hoping to escape into another story... Except you find yourself lost.

Awoooooo! 🐺🌕

What was that?! You look around but see nothing except a pale, spherical light suspended in the sky. It's the Full Moon—the Hunter's Moon, to be exact.

Awoooooo! 🐺🐺🐺

The howls are multiplying and closing in on you. Are you scared?

The transformation of humans into wolves has been documented by cultures across the globe for centuries. Under a full moon, werewolves, shapeshifters, and wolf(wo)men undergo an agonizing transformation where bones snap, skin tears, and muscles rip and reform. Whether a curse, or a gift, these creatures have always been seen as a visceral danger to humanity.

So before the howls get any closer, you need to make a decision. Should you stay, or should you flee?

If you stay, you might become part of the wolf family and be rewarded for your loyalty. Perhaps you'll enjoy letting your primal instincts takeover as you run with the wolves and howl at the moon. If you stay long enough, you might even find beauty in the beast. ❤️️

But if you choose to run, you need to get moving! You don't know what danger is in store, and you can't tame a wild animal. These creatures are here to prey on you. If you don't want to be devoured, make sure you add Community Happenings to your library and keep your eyes on the moving wolfpack. There's still a lot of ground to cover if you want to make it out alive.

The howls are getting closer. You see a collection of yellow eyes in the distance, cutting through the darkness. Will you join the pack or run? Leave a comment and tell us which side you're on and why.

Good luck, the hunt begins on Monday. 

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