November 16, 2020 - It's Canva x Wattpad Design Week

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Hi Wattpadders,

Anyone who's written a story on Wattpad knows that writing itself is only a part of the journey. In the world of digital storytelling, being a writer often means wearing many hats – social media maven, graphic designer, marketer, and more. Designing a compelling cover and building a strong personal brand are two incredibly important parts of the process.

So, we've collaborated with one of our favourite partners, Canva, to bring you a week full of tips, tutorials, and guidelines to create visually appealing and engaging covers and put your best foot forward when branding yourself as a professional author.

For the next five days, we'll be providing you with tons of content and resources to help you elevate your design game. Here's what you can look forward to this week:

Monday: Covers 101: The basics for winning at DIY cover design. We'll give you a quick tutorial and a few practical steps to build your cover creative confidence.

Tuesday: Sell your story: finding the right cover for your genre. We've collaborated with cover designer and Wattpad Star Ren Tachibana (@rentachi) to show you how to create covers in three popular genres: contemporary romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and young adult.
Wednesday: Brand yourself: designing for self-promotion. Learn the importance of a personal brand and how to leverage design practices for effective self-promotion and an engaged and loyal fanbase.

Thursday: Putting Your Design Skills into Practice. We'll offer you some prompts to test your design skills and put some of our Wattpad Stars to the test in a cover-off competition!

Friday: Ask a Canva Designer Anything! Got a burning question that you're dying to ask a Canva Design Expert? Tune in Friday for our AMA where you can get your design questions answered!

All of the Canva x Wattpad Design week resources will be posted here and on the Writer Resources Page, so make sure you check back every day this week so you don't miss these amazing tips.

Let's get started! Keep reading for Day 1 - Covers 101: The basics for winning at DIY cover design

- Wattpad HQ

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