Story School Episode 2: The 3 ingredients to a hit story

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March 27, 2023

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Every writer wants to write a hit story. But what makes a story stand out? In Episode 2 of Story School, "Immediate, Engaging, Commercial", Wattpad Content Expert Leah explains what makes a story click with audiences, no matter what genre it falls under.

A story must have each of these three key components to succeed: Immediate, Engaging, and Commercial.

Immediate means that the story should have a clear and compelling hook right from the first chapter, creating a reason for the audience to emotionally invest in the story. Readers should be able to identify with the characters and have strong motivations that tie the story together.

There is also importance in cliffhangers, leaving readers with an unanswered question and a reason to come back for more. Additionally, playing into the genre space of the story and developing different story arcs from different characters can make a story more engaging.

Finally, making your story commercial entails appealing to fans of the genre and embracing (or subverting) tropes. Your story must exhibit genuine, relatable emotions that appeal to readers.

Storytelling is about creating an emotional connection with your audience through immediate and engaging characters and a story engine that drives the narrative forward.

Learn more about the essential elements that are required for a story to succeed, and how to apply them to your work, in Episode 2 of Story School. 

ICYMI, you can also catch Episode 1 of Story School, "Writer's block and how to get over it", HERE.

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