October 21, 2020 - Werewolf Week is Coming. Ahh-whoooooo. 🐺

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Starting Monday, October 26th, under the waxing gibbous moon, Werewolf Week begins at Wattpad. Follow the Werewolf profile to be the first to know, and be sure to add Community Happenings to your library to get notified of updates for what's coming up. What we have in store is something you'll want to sink your teeth into.

Lycanthrope. Shifter. Loup-garou. Wolfman. These are just a few ways we've named the werewolf. It's one of the most ancient stories that has been told again and again. Yet, as much as we think the world has exhausted all the tales, more appear, each adding a layer to the lore. The werewolf is an endless source of inspiration for storytellers grappling with our collective humanity, and the wild within. Why is the genre so infinite?

Just like the creature itself, the genre and its stories are often misinterpreted. The mob only sees the werewolf superficially. At first sight they cower and hide from the horridness they see before them. They don't dare come back for a second look. But there are those who don't look away, those who have the courage to look the wolf straight in the eye. They are the fortunate ones, rewarded with the discovery of the beautiful humanity within.

The story of the pack teaches us many lessons. It explores what family is. It talks to us about loyalty, about who we should trust and what treachery is all about. The pack shows us friendship and we learn what it means to fulfill our duties. The hierarchy brings back our feelings of rejection and powerlessness. It talks to us about people in places of power they don't deserve, and how to use power responsibly. Should we obey or should we rebel?

The transformation lets us fantasize what it could be like if we let our most primal instincts take over. How does it feel to just let go? What fears nip at our heels? What are we holding back? It tells us about love. It tells us how to love, or how not to love. It shows the savagest of loves and the gentlest loves.

That is the power of the werewolf. Who could have imagined all of these are contained in just a single idea of a person transforming into a creature. Now the question is, will you be part of the mob who turns away from all of this, or the one who dares to go deeper?

Wattpad has one of the best, if not THE BEST catalogue of Werewolf stories in the world. Follow the Werewolf profile to be the first to know.

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