June 30, 2020 - #PrideAtWattpad Virtual Book Club Happening Today!

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Hello Wattpadders,

Our #PrideAtWattpad Virtual Book Club is happening today!

Hopefully over the past few weeks, you have been able to read one of the 5 incredible stories from our selection of LGBTQIAP+ writers.

Each of the writers participating in the book club will be posing questions on their profile page for you to engage with other members of the community and have a chance to ask the author any questions of your own! Make sure to look for their new story titled "PrideAtWattpad Book Club" so you can easily find the conversation on their profile page.

A quick reminder about which stories and authors are participating:

The Hawthorn Throne by R.E. Levy

Visit R.E. Levy's Profile Page

I'm a Gay Wizard by V.S. Santoni

Visit V.S. Santoni's Profile Page

MOONLIGHT - Book I: Dusk by Beau Van Dalen

Visit Beau Van Dalen's Profile Page

Legally Black by Idris Grey

Visit Idris Grey's Profile Page

When Best Friends Kiss by Lena M.

Visit Lena M's Profile Page

Head on over to their profile pages to join the conversation today!

- Wattpad HQ

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