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February 1, 2023

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Steamy romance. Paranormal mysteries. Vampire-werewolf thrillers. Our stories contain multitudes. Explore the incredible worlds imagined and built by some of Wattpad's most beloved Black writers. We're celebrating Black History Month - and you can find these reads anytime. Dig into our curated reading list featuring masterful Black storytelling right here on Wattpad.

Overwhelmed by choice? We get it. We're spotlighting some of these amazing stories here.

Situationship by Orchid_17
The sweat glistens against the defined muscles of his chest, taunting me. I stroke my hands against them as he catches his breath. I guess it wouldn't be fair if he were perfect in every way. He just can't seem to figure this out, even after five long months of trying. Five aggravating, vexatious, frustrating months.

The Lost Elixir by XxBriannaMariexX
With blood pumping through hollowed ears, and teeth grinding through a hastily breathing mouth, another punch was thrown towards what Rayne Vance hoped to be cartilage, but the breeze of nothingness drifted over her knuckles instead. A teeth-grinding smirk ignited a spark of rage from deep within the swell of her arching chest. She swung her leg over in a kick, hoping to catch her opponent off guard.

The Search for Juno by _jnicole_
Angie sank to the floor, her hands trembling. She hadn't meant for the night to end that way, but regardless all the images conjured themselves now: the vacant Phoenix, Arizona street, black with the settling night, the sound of footsteps behind her, matching her own. Whirling to find a crazed smile and a lifted fist—what else was she supposed to do?

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